Saturday, June 26, 2010

The most powerful Zionist in the country! Julia Gillard

So what do we get when we mix a Marxist

with the Pro Israel head of the Australian Workers Union Paul Howes?

What if we add a nice little all expenses paid trip to Israel for Julia and Paul? Did we mention that Paul has been accused of being the master mind behind the over throw of the democratically elected Prime minister Kevin Rudd?

Well looks like we get our first Atheist Female Prime minister. Good old Julia the Red, you finally made it girl.

Here is some further reading on our first Female Fabian Prime minister.

She confronted community concerns, including changes in Australia’s position on a small number of votes in the United Nations relating to Israel, whether Australia aid to the Palestinian territories was remaining out of terrorists’ hands and assurances about the continuation of Jewish school funding.

oh and this one is for our friends in Western Australia.
Julia Gillard – Sydney Yeshiva Centre says Mazeltov!

Bnai Brith's first directly elected Prime minister. Good bye democracy. I wonder how long it will be until the first round ups begin?


Anonymous said...

The obsequious looking Paul Howes probably only speaks for himself on the Israel issue...
Another serial attention seeker who dreams himself a dear leader of the ignorant masses, which he most surely is given that the union hierarchy rarely consult the membership on policy..
For them its a career path...Shop Steward, Organiser and then into politics....All the way foisting their worldview on the union membership who they feign to represent..

The ACTU were instrumental in agreeing with and facilitating Howard's firearms imperatives. Did they consult with the membership on it ? Of course not...They KNOW best as dear leaders and self appointed carers for the "stoopid" workers.
Queer marriage, Refugees, Multiculturalism etc etc .....The members exist only to provide Wankers like Barf with a lesser than,or so Barf feels,to care for..

These pretenders and serial circle jerkers have rarely ever performed any useful work that advances anyone other than their own career.

The Smug cheezie grin suggests that Gillards incredibly pleased with this validation of her own sense of importance. The WormTongues of the BnaiBrith will refocus their dark energies to discover how best they may manipulate her sense of vainglory for their own sinister purposes.

Eve is once again at the tender mercy of these Serpents.

Anonymous said...

swarshepart 1 of 2
I agree. Gillard threatened the law on anyone calling her a zionist...yet that was her role in Uni and it was the Zionist controllers of Australian politics and thus politicians which got rid of Rudd and put her in power.Rudd upset Israel, its embassy here, probably (false name Regev)parental adopted name Frieberg ... the Aboriginal spokesman for Israel's PM Mylekowski(false name Netenyahu), Howes and other zionist brown-nosers and power seekers by taking action, albeit utterly deficient...on the Irsaeli embassy here after the assassination of a Palestinian and the strange eruption of passports all from countries who's so called "leaders"..none of whom would I follow...are involved in the zionist New World Order scheme.

Our investigation in the passport scam itself was unconvincing if not pathetic. Rudd said he sent someone from the embassy home as punishment (much to Howes' ire) ...what a laugh!! The embassy ought to have been closed.These are not "only a couple of assassinations" as though that's ok in the New Order's "death is the proper solution". Forget the equally corrupt but far more stupid CIA, assassinations by Mossad from 1978 to 1981 alone on the use of the spy programme Promis were said by Ari ben Menashe to be "tens of thousands".Promis spies on every electronic transaction we make (and other Nations make) and sends it to the Federal Gvt and Israel. Israel sold to Australia when Hawke “went all jewish” and Burke had been conspiring with Israel in massively illegal acts on Australian soil. They didn't tell any of the buyers all their information would be trapdoored to Israel.

Guilt, a very unKatsa feeling, started his desire to exit Mossad. His wife and child were later assassinated for it. The list off assassinations includes politicians "in Israel's way" and people merely bystanders. Meir (not her real name...all Israeli PM's like those jews which controlled Russia's vile history since 1907...have been frauds, pathological liars if not simply psycopaths) ordered world wide assassinations over Munich which tragically included bystanders and an innocent waiter in Lillihammer "mistaken identity...stiff!!" That some Israeli athletes were involved in murder of Palestinians didn't get much press. Gillard is an outspoken supporter of these lunatics, frauds, liars and psycopathsa ...who's seriously active beginnings in Europe and Palestine were in the massive Zionist industrialist and Banker corruption in USA and Britain of the 1930' history worth reading.She doesn't give any support to the scores of thousand sof decent jews which protest actively the IDF and Israeli government atrocities and policies. That ...I presume... would not be Kosher.

From 1933 (pre nacht krystal) to 1939 , there was a world wide boycott against German goods and services along with violence ...with great Jews to act against Germany and try to drive it to war.....War was the New Order's want and for the Industrialist and Banker profits as well as for "boundary changes".

USA only entered the 2 great wars after Britain promised the Zionists who controlled the US Presidency that Palestine would be handed over to "the jews".That leaves big questions about Pearl harbour..some of which show US/British corruption.

We should note that the US zionists told the President not to accept Jewish refugees (we will gain far more by their auffering)and the Israeli collaborators (with the German Military and regime which created Israel for them)dobbed in thousands of escaping Jews to the were only allowed to escape to Israel.All this reality is available even on internet.(continued)