Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh APP give it up!

Just when you thought the Australian Protectionist Party couldn't get any worse, they roll out another troll on Storm Front Down Under to do a spot of fishing. Maybe the APP are looking for new members to poison the water a little more?

Now the above is in response to a thread started by a member of the SF community concerning the Jewish propaganda movie Schindler's List.

The above from Sam reads. "No, I believe six million Jews died as a result of forced labour, medical experiments, execution and gas chambers. It's history, get over it.

The only thing debatable about the holocaust is whether or not it was planned from the start or was the easiest solution with the reds closing in."

Now he then goes on to use a series of photographs (below) to back up his sick beliefs. The pictures are simply labeled "Corpses uncovered in mass graves". A simple play on words. One used a fair bit with any discussion concerning the Holocaust. Sam also forgets to give any explanation of or about the origins of the pictures.

In fact this is what a uncovered Mass grave looks like. This picture (below)is from Katyn. The victims? Polish soldiers and civilian administrators. Killed by who? The Communist Russians.

Now compare the above with Sam's pictures of uncovered mass Jewish graves.
The one above shows a mass grave that has been uncovered to show the victims of mass murder by the Soviet forces who occupied Poland. The below picture taken by the allies shows a fresh mass burial pit that has not been filled in yet. Hell it looks a bit dodgy don't you think? Almost like its been touched up?

The picture used by Sam (above) is labeled as Belsen. So let me be the first to tell our little Zionist that Belsen was a work camp. Hell even the Jews have had to admit that it NEVER had a gas chamber and that it was never used as an "extermination camp".

The next picture (above) offered by Sam as proof of the death of 6 Million Jews is even more telling. It is a picture of the SS run Nordhausen forced labor CAMP. These pictures and a series of others were taken after the United States Air Force bombed the crap out of it. The Germans made V2 Rockets at Nordhausen. The dead people pictured are all victims of the Allied bombing of the camp. No Gas Chambers, no Nazi execution squads. All of this is easily proven by a simple search on the Inter Net.

Now the above picture I'm afraid I have no idea. Maybe one of our readers can shed some light on it. But lets look at. It is a picture of a mass grave. It has not been "uncovered" as with the Katyn picture we have used above. The bodies have all been arranged to lay a certain way. Hardly the result of a mass execution in a forest. They could be anyone. For all we know they could be German civilians murdered by Communist forces. Or simply civilian victims of allied bombing. Yet I bet the online Holocaust Museum would label it something else. Seems this is most probably the place Sam sourced the pictures.

But it gets better folks.

It would seem that Sam cant even be bothered to research his own evidence. Look at these obvious fraudulent pictures below. Both are used by Sam on SFDU HERE. Now look closely. They are the same pictures.

Need we point out the obvious? Yet another mass grave OK. But look at the added corpse in the striped PJ's. Now why are all the other bodies naked and emaciated, yet in the second picture we have a Jewish victim fully clothed? Why is it left out of the top picture? Its an obvious fraud. One that has been used time and time again by people with hidden agendas. Just like Sam.

Need we mention that Sam along with Darrin Hodges and Luke Connors has also claimed not to be a White Nationalist.

So why do they persist? Why do White Nationalists tolerate them and the people who cover for them? They have made their intentions clear.


Anonymous said...

The bloke in the striped PJs looks pretty well fed too!

WLT NSW said...

everyone do yourselves a favour and copy and expand the picture with the bloke wearing the Lowes special pyjamas and then SERIOUSLY try to tell me that it isn't a pastische DRAWING/PAINTING made up from VERY retouched parts.

Jeeezuz! Even the most emaciated corpses do not have elbows and knees that resemble bendy toys!

The 'corpses' are not even anotomically correct.

Where are all the sharp and angular bony protrusions?

What? Jews are made from plasticene?


Give us a break!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes the holohoax lie must have rocks in their head!

Anonymous said...

That "Sam" guy is a parasite who has been pushing his luck for a long time. God help him if he ever comes out from behind his keyboard.

Anonymous said...

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