Thursday, June 03, 2010

Paul Fromm speaks on the Gaza Flotilla Massacre

Above Paul Fromm and David Duke.
Paul Fromm guest speaker at this years Sydney Forum speaks out against Israeli Piracy on the high seas.

In separate back to back webcasts Paul Fromm, Mike Rivero, Mark Glenn (with Phil Tourney, Mark Dankof and Mantiq Al Tayr) discuss the implications of Israel's latest Gaza Flotilla massacre outrage.

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Wailin' in on 'im. said...

Without a doubt the Ratty and chameleonic Mr Moans will be skittering and dropping his calling cards about the corridors of Goy Power wailing that Fromm be denied access to other Goy so as to ensure the continued abject ignorance of the Goy Toy Noachide Bride who's been screwed by the loving and courageously caring Groom and his "Best Men" so many times she's a walking sack of breathless memetic syphillis.