Saturday, June 26, 2010

Racism under the guise of Anti-Racism

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Anonymous said...

"What then can be done? (Apart, of course, from widespread and vigorous miscegenation, which is the best answer, but perhaps tricky to arrange as public policy.) "

Having a "race" is the domain of important people now....

These mental cases seek to manufacture a raceless slave class.

Diversifist. said...

Its easy to understand the lack of mutual respect when the lowest forms of life, the "sex tourist" treat another's people as little more than a whore house...
The Chinese are known for their pragmantism in dealing with this kind of Shit, and it would be reasonable to expect that they will indeed deal, for the benefit of all Ethnic Nationalist.

More important is a clearly identifiable agenda to destroy all peoples, because it "makes the world a better place", or so they'd have us believe.

TheMadCelticMagi. said...

If magic is the use of language and incantations to manifest one’s will for either the detriment (black magic) or benefit (white magic) of others, then this is manifestly black magic, from the wearers of the black block…It’s a sing along nursery rhyme for Goyim…Whereas the wearers and worshippers of the Black Block have certain permissions and entitlements granted to them in their Talmud/Torah, then clearly we others are Nothing more than beasts whose “block” entitles us to absolutely Nothing, not even life……..Smiling Assassin and Palliative carer of the Goyim, Ben Lee, hopes we catch his disease…..accept MultiCulturalism and ultimately our elimination in both memory and fact…. Stop at 3:37 and you’ll see the Black Block @anarchist himself, the sinister…..Rabbi On@ndy ShpunkFlien, moving amongst the Goyim incognito.
Do you believe in Magic Whitey Goy ?......Isn’t that what the Princes of the power of the air wield via the media ? Does Jouie the Fly spread his disease with the greatest of ease ?.....Do you cower in guilt and shame because of the fact that they tell you you are murders just waiting to commit another “holocaust” ?
The “Jews” want your head to be a box full of the Nothing dear Goyim…..They want to limit your dreams and curtail your innate potential. They are trying to help the Nothing because they feel themselves the servants of the power behind the Nothing. Fantasia dies a little bit more every time you believe the Lies of the Jews that swarm this world like so many locusts.
That's what Eustace Mullins meant when he said “Because of the presence of the Jew, you will not achieve your dreams.” And so Fantasia dies because we choose to defer to the Jew.