Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Western Australia. The Rudd Governments dumping ground!

Leonora Detention Center - The Invasion Begins

On Monday the 7th of June 2010 the invasion of Leonora began with the arrival of two planes containing 86 so-called asylum seekers who were the first to land on Australian soil before being cleared since offshore processing began under the Howard government. This is the first of at least two hundred illegals who will be heading to the town over the coming weeks. It proves that no matter where you live the results of the open border policies of the fabian marxist Chairman Krudd will find you. There is no longer any place where you can hide from the multiracial hell-hole that is engulfing Australia.

Yes folks the Rudd Government keeps covering them up. Must be an election coming?

Here's boat number 65 for 2010 -

Customs finds two more asylum seeker (invader) boats


Border protection authorities have intercepted two boats in waters north-west of Australia on Saturday.

One was intercepted on Saturday morning north-west of Ashmore Islands, after it was spotted by a Customs plane. (This was reported in the previous post.)

The Government says there are 39 passengers (invaders) and five crew (smugglers)

In the afternoon, a Customs boat responded to calls for help from another vessel (boat number 65) that had engine problems north of Scott Reef.

It is believed there were 46 passengers (invaders) and three crew (smugglers)

Passengers (invaders) and crew (smugglers) from both boats were taken to Christmas Island for health and security checks.

Two other boats were also stopped by border protection authorities on Friday.


So, there have been 65 boats carrying 3,033 invaders and 161 reported smugglers that have illegally entered Australian waters up to this evening which was the 156th evening of 2010
onboard. onboard the second ship.


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District 9 comes to Australia.

There's something going on 'ere....Resident ringletted Blockhead @narchist's at Sinnamagog squats may well have stock in listed Kosher Kat Food manufacturers.

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Who's this Maurice G Kriss ?

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Yes, who is this Maurice G Kriss? I can't find their email address anywhere online. Do they really exist? I'd love to be able to contact them to find out more...

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