Monday, July 05, 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup results so far.

The more things change the more they stay the same. The Romans had the coliseum to control the population. You know take their mind off what is truly going on in their own back yard. In 2010 we have the MSN and Friday night ball.

So how is the World cup going? Are you watching? Did you see Germany the other night? I have one word Boycott!

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“Miss Helen Lotter was so badly injured that I found two large pieces of her body-fat the size of my hand lying next to her on the kitchen floor where she was found covered in blood. ‘ This was the testimony by SAPS warrant-officer Frederik Meintjies, a photographer for the SAPS criminal-records centre. He photographed the crime scene shortly after the cruel mutilation-murders of Boer women Mrs Alice Lotter, 78, and her daughter Ms Helen Lotter, 57 on March 6 2009 at their Allenridge, Free State homestead. The cruelly-mutilated mother and daughter were still alive and in excruciating pain when the police-team arrived. They died later in hospital.

(Reports from the Welkom High court trial by Corné van Zyl, Volksblad newspaper.)

Earlier statements from experienced, tough police officers and paramedics also noted that the murders of the Lotter women was the ‘most cruel crime scene they had ever witnessed.”

The accused deny all charges:

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Anonymous said...

Since the Scottish national team aren't even good enough to compete on the European stage never mind the world stage, my interest in the World Cup is next to zero. I did, however, tune-in to watch Germany's destruction of England ):