Monday, July 05, 2010

Australian Jews demand to be put behind the wire!

Imagine that.......

Jews seek religious freedom with a ring around St Ives


"A JEWISH group plans to overcome an ancient and restrictive religious commandment by creating a virtual wall around an entire North Shore suburb.

But its push for greater freedom has caused angst among some St Ives residents, who say it will block their views and create a "Jewish ghetto".

"Ghetto" their words not mine. Shall we continue?

Roll out the nasty Nazis.

Residents draw line over Jewish boundary

"IT IS A SPIRITUAL boundary made from wire just one centimetre thick but a planned Jewish eruv around St Ives has divided residents of the upper north shore suburb."

"The debate has prompted some letters to the local papers that Vic Alhadeff, from the Jewish Board of Deputies, has described as racist."

North Shore eruv plans ignite anti-Semitism


"A PROPOSAL to erect an eruv in Sydney’s North Shore has led to anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic outbursts from members of the local community.

The Northern Eruv committee has submitted its plans to put up 27 poles, which are needed to complete the circuit of wires, to Ku-ring-gai Council.

The proposal, which would include erecting poles on private land, was first put to council in 2008 but was rejected because the land-owners had yet to give permission. That has since been resolved."

So if I take my dog for a walk and it has a piss on one of these Jew Poles will he be an anti Semite? Maybe some Folks could hold a walk your dog for Palestine day in that area. Now that sounds like fun :)

Walk your dog for Palestine at St Ives this week end. I wonder if the reds will take that suggestion up?

"But that’s not how some North Shore residents saw it. “The ‘enclosure’ is being proposed by the same types of people who have committed a Holocaust against their neighbours in the Middle East and who practise genocide and apartheid behaviour on an ongoing basis to this day. Do we want this in our neighbourhood and our country – NO,” one reader posted on the newspaper’s website."

Oh dear the wheels are truly falling off for the Zionists in 2010.

"Another reader’s post seemed to imply that St Ives would be turned into a Jewish homeland: “We all know how Israel was started, it was started by people buying land and building an ‘enclosure’, now Israel has nuclear weapons."

When the truth finally comes out about all the other under handed things the Zionists have perpetrated upon mankind, I expect they will be even more disliked.

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Anonymous said...

There seems no limit to Jewish arrogance and religious zealousness. Rather than live in peace and harmony with their neighbours, Jews prefer to be confrontational. We see evidence of this in the middle-east on an almost daily basis and occasionally within our own communities.

It's good to see ordinary people stand-up for themselves and refuse to tolerate the whims and diktats of a bunch of anti-social Jews.