Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Australian New Nation Boat Report 2010. Boat number 79 for 2010.

Here's boat number 79 for 2010 -

Navy intercepts asylum (invader) boat


A boat carrying
84 asylum seekers (invaders) and three crew members (smugglers) has been stopped in waters north-west of Australia.

The Federal Government says the Navy intercepted the boat north-west of Browse Island this morning.

The group will be taken to Christmas Island for health and security checks.


The total for July is 6 boats carrying 342 invaders and 17 reported smugglers. The tally so far for 2010 on the 14th of July (the 195th day of 2010) is 79 boats carrying 3,774 invaders and 197 reported smugglers. If the sheeple of Leonora think that the detention centre there is going to stop at just 200 they are seriously deluded.

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