Friday, July 23, 2010

First Selvo Fired. Dirty Tricks Campaign Starts Against Australia First.

Racist leaflets not ours: Australia First

"A minor party that opposes immigration says leaflets which breach electoral rules are being distributed in Western Sydney to discredit its candidates.

One pamphlet, purporting to be from the Australia First Party, portrays some African refugees as sub-human and violent.

Other anti-immigration leaflets seen by the ABC are anonymous.

The New South Wales chairman of the Australia First Party, Jim Saleam, says the pamphlets were not made by his party.

He says they are similar to dirty tricks leaflets distributed in Western Sydney in the last election.

"They take the strong argument that we put up against certain types of refugee immigration, but they add what I'll call inflammatory, injudicious and unreasonable remarks into it with the intention of getting the party into some sort of legal trouble," he said."

Who would do such a thing? Maybe this Zionist scum bag who just happens to be the Labor Party New South Wales State Treasurer.



KerPlunk said...

It demonstrates the shameless and desperate nature of those that seek the destruction of all peoples through unfettered immigration..which seems to be an imperative of Cube worshipping and Saturnalian "Zionists"...These are the same ones who claim a monopoly on the "Courage to Care" and declare who is "Righteous" and who is not, as would Ooze and All.

The fact is this, the races exist and some who identify by the most wicked ideology and memetic symbiote ever to have slithered into the mind of mankind, appear not to like that fact.

Orwells book, a probable study on Noachide Law, was published as Israel was made independant in 1948..The next important cube derived date was 1984, the subject of that book, and with another on its way at 2012, the subject of further public propaganda and a Magickal nexus in time about which certain willed events are hoped to be made manifest in accordance with the imperatives of this Babbling onion Zionist HooDoo from the Gurus in Black Hats as Lords of the Ringlets.

Curiously, the "Christians" over at the AustralianPlonker'sParty appear aligned with the occult numerology of this Tetragrammatically incoherent and Pharsaic Jibberjabber. They hope to be raptured, kneeling, into a frenzied an eternal orgasmic ecstacy along with the Great, the furiously focussed and pre-eminently maladaptive, Rabbi On@ndy.

Date Lover said...

"In 1984, as president of the student union, Mr. Roozendaal had National Action banned from campus."

Closetted totalitarian Mr RuseandAll would have loved that date too..