Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jewlia and Tony. Who can enslave us first.

90% of web snoop document censored to stop 'premature unnecessary debate'


The federal government has censored approximately 90 per cent of a secret document outlining its controversial plans to snoop on Australians' web surfing, obtained under freedom of information (FoI) laws, out of fear the document could cause "premature unnecessary debate".

The government has been consulting with the internet industry over the proposal, which would require ISPs to store certain internet activities of all Australians - regardless of whether they have been suspected of wrongdoing - for law-enforcement agencies to access.

All parties to the consultations have been sworn to secrecy.

The future is here, or is it the past repeating itself?

But hey Tony will slash immigration. Anyone who still thinks that one party is better than the other deserves to be the first to be rounded up by the Political Police.

Speaking of Tony. This will certainly win him some votes with the APP.


JUST two days into the election campaign, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott touted his party’s “unshakable commitment” to Israel.

Speaking at an Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce lunch in Melbourne on Monday, Abbott took the opportunity to criticise the Rudd-Gillard Government’s record towards Israel.

“I have to say that it’s a little disappointing, given the deep affinity between the Australian people and the Israeli people that the current Australian Government has somewhat weakened our longstanding bipartisanship on Israel,” Abbott said before the crowd of more than 1000 businesspeople and Liberal Party faithful.

“I want to reiterate here today, the Coalition’s unshakable commitment to Israel’s security and I want to assure you that a Coalition government would never support a one-sided United Nations resolution against Israel to curry favour with an anti-Israel majority in the General Assembly,” he said.

Speaking of Pro Israel "servants to a foreign power" looks like the APP have got a new member. He fits all the criteria. Race traitor and all.

A LIBERAL candidate has been sprung posting anti-Islamic entries on Facebook and has written to church leaders asking for their support against his "strong Moslem" Labor opponent.

Look guys this has to be read to be believed. HERE

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Anonymous said...

David Barker is a dead ringer for Jabba the Hutt. Just as obese and just as hideous.

I presume that he couldn't find a white woman who would have sex with him.

This disgusting lump of lard needs to spend more time in the gym than he does posting anti-Islamic entries on Facebook and writing to church leaders.