Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Remember this guy?

We do. Make sure you drop on over to this blog and keep up to date with Australia's number one liar and all round wanker.


Do we '*****in' have to ? said...

Yeah, I remember him...He's the one that shaves its balls and likes body surfing chubbie fat kids of the male gender. Its like a dose of the clap, probably 'cause its Kosher....Once you catch'em, usually they're being perscuted for some reason, they'll never let you forget their pain and getting 'em to move on is near impossible.

Most workers have contempt for these hangers on to the union movement, the "administratum", who inevitably step on the heads of the worker as a means of personal "advancement".

Oyveyrey morning it looks in the G_d's talmudic mirror and asks, "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest and most magnificent of them all ?" "Someone else, Someone other more righteous and honorable than thee", answers their "mirror"...

So Hewy,Dewy, and Jewy set about destroying everyghing about them in the vain hope that their narcicyst's mirror will one day be forced to answer, "It is indeed only thee, for nothing else exists".....

An that my gentile reader is the essense of what comprises, "The Jew"......
A congenital, public and compulsive ritual self abuser.

WLT NSW said...


Mathew joined Turner Freeman in 2009 as a clerk (HIS SPECIALTY WAS MAKING COFFEE) and was admitted as a Solicitor in 2010. His practice comprises a range of general civil matters. Mathew is focused on ensuring his clients receive the best possible outcome from their claim and will pursue the most appropriate avenues (APPROPRIATE AVENUES? ONE WONDERS WHETHER THIS ENTAILS STALKING AND BLACKMAIL) in achieving this.
He has a long association with trade unions and an in-depth knowledge of worker's rights. (DESPITE NEVER HAVING ACTUALLY EVER W.O.R.K.E.D. IN HIS MISERABLE SELF INDULGENT EXISTENCE) Mathew also a personal interest in social justice generally, (FOR ANYONE WHO IS NOT WHITE) in particular the promotion of multicultural tolerance and understanding. (OH YEAH BABY! HE’S REAL BIG ON UNDERSTANDING.)
Contact Mathew at Level 8, 100 George Street, Parramatta, NSW, 225

Dear Oh FUCKING Dear!

Anonymous said...

That slithering and smooth, Ring Stingin' solicitor of lies and mischief best keep his forked tongue between his teeth....The Goyim do not long take kindly to enforced listening to the whispered blatherings of a Kosher and Witless Worm.
FDB....Lord's of the Rings indeed.

Anonymous said...

Making Coffee ?

Its a big step up indeed from Tea Bagging that's for sure.

Pet name Clerk Bent, Happy Sacks or Jean Gillette or Mr Smoothie in the legal fraternity ?

Fergus said...

from Gideon Haigh's Asbestos House p 138:

"Turner Freeman had been founded in 1952 by Roy Turner, who had returned from service in the RAF as a bomber pilot as a Trotskyist and was now a member of the legislative council in the Wran government with strong union links."

It's a red firm. Figures.