Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Voice - Australia : Lucky For Some

While a growing number of Australians are being forced into homelessness due to a lack of infrastructure as well as ever increasing levels of immigration which only adds to the shortage of housing nationwide thus increasing the cost of housing, illegal boat invaders posing as so-called asylum seekers continue to flood into Australia's northern waters. Paying up to $15,000 to illegally enter our waters one has to ask, where did they get the money from considering they are supposed to be their country's downtrodden? Was some form of criminal behaviour involved to procure the money? Are they economic refugees instead? When you consider the benefits that they receive once those in power rubber-stamp their bogus asylum claims anyone with half a brain has to start to question their motives. Who wouldn't want a free ride for life that costs the Australian taxpayer $80,000 to process each one of their claims as well as public housing and welfare benefits totalling over $56,000 per couple per year?

On the opposite side of the coin pensioners who in many cases fought to save the country from Japanese invasion and who worked and therefore paid taxes for their entire lives are branded by the government as nothing but a burden who I am sure wish that they were dead. Then there are the tens of thousands of Australians who are forced to live in cars, in tents and if they are lucky cheap run-down motel rooms.

Instead of worrying about the rest of the world we should concerned first and foremost with what is happening in our own home. Australia is the lucky country for those who come to the country via Christmas Island or through the country’s airports. Pensioners and people of a working class background are totally ignored and left to rot in the gutter. It does seem that to be treated fairly in their own country unfortunate Australians would be best served if they somehow got to Indonesia and got on a boat destined for Christmas Island claiming asylum.

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