Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We The People Demand Freedom from Zionism.

We can only hope that the Zionist grip on the world will end soon. Then we can go to work punishing the traitors who have supported this vile murderous regime. One could "almost" forgive a Zionist Jew for supporting an empire created by Jews for the benefit of Jews. But we can never forgive our own folk who have turned their backs on our Race and Nation in order to appease Israel. There is no excuse for being a traitorous dog. Do not ask for mercy, because none will be given.


A Veritable Homoerotic Volcano said...

The homoeruptive intellect of Rabbi On@ndy ShpunkFlien and his/her ritual self abusives and habitually canoodlin' cohorts derived of KapoCratic Kikery over at FDB are characterised above.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Re Read it all... I did read it all and some. It takes all types. Why did you delete the comment?

"On May 10, 2010 a Svante Paabo co-reseacher on the new study, Johannes Krause, said on the Mid-German TV Network that the people of the Middle East, the Semites, were at least from "10 to 20" percent Neanderthal. The Internet link to this interview on the Mid-German TV Network was deactivated on May 18, 2010."

"However, the swastika is one of the oldest, simplest, most attractive and most distinctive symbols of a world not yet dominated by Neanderthal-Semitic influence. And that is probably why incessant Jewish propaganda has striven to make it anathema and outlawed since the 1930s."

Chimp Out. said...

As far as I know I didn't delete it after I'd hit the publish button. Sometimes get no word verification window up so have to reload to get may not have published it.
May have been some of the brain ADL'd troglodytes at blogger that would watch your blog for an existential manifestation of 'hatred'. They may have clubbed it in a primal frenzy of impotent rage, Fight'nDemBack dem ideas dat dey doan lik...They're still doing back flips and shaking their hairy heads about with slobbery, rubbery countenances a flappin in the breeze c/w blood stain teeth on display.

Seems the melding of the Neanderthal idea (Judasism) and a preponderance of Neanderthal G-' gnomes has created a Frankensteinian, chest thumping, idea clubbin' monstrosity of a collective Trollop that seeks to beat into submission everything it happens across. Like a black Hole, not even truth shall escape the neanderthalithic gravity of its self import.

Probably Kosher Parry Gripp here seems to imply that the highly cultured and homogenous Japanese are Chimps... Its not where the Kosher ideal would have ole' Whitey either, who seems to be all too happy doing the wet work away while his own culture is dissolved in a peurile solution of caustic Noachidiocy.

Why is it so, given the irony of Bradley's thesis.