Saturday, July 31, 2010

Winter Sleepout and help!

This has just been sent in by a reader. A truly worthy cause and one that will highlight our own countrymen and women who suffer and receive NO HANDOUTS.

" We are going to do a sleep-out under the banner of a Mission Australia fundraiser for homeless people but we're going to do it out the front of the Virginia Palms Hotel in Boondall where 80 illegal immigrants are being housed in four star accommodation at taxpayer's expense.

Please contact anyone you know in SE QLD who might be able to duck up/down there (Corner of Zillmere and Sandgate Rds) any time between Sunday afternoon (1st August) and the rest of that week ('til the 8th).

We are rallying some real homeless people from around Brisbane (who we will feed while there and record their stories) to join us...we will raise funds for Mission Australia while there - at traffic lights etc - busy roads.

We need to make placards, banner etc and we need NUMBERS - people!!!!! ANY networks you have that might have anyone who could join us or gather people would be greatly appreciated.

Please help - this is starting in 2 days - short notice but could be VERY powerful."

Contact, or you can call 0410309613


Anonymous said...

Great idea. More protests and direct action need to be held in front of every place where invaders are kept in luxury while 100,000 Australians are homeless.

noachidmapsycholeptics said...

Evening Mr Whitelaw,

For your thinkin' there's something going on, a program of amelioration has been deemed appropriate for both yourself and fellow travellers of the AFP.

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