Friday, August 13, 2010

APP. Australian Professional Pretenders.

If they would just piss off and sell their wares someplace else we would have no need for this, but gee they have thick skin. Its one thing to have @ndy slackbastard sell your profile (note @ndy got the scoop before SFDU) but imagine my surprise when I saw this.


It seems that the APP just cant help themselves. Now I had a feeling that the guys and gals at SFDU will just see this for what it is. This is typical of the sentiment from members of SFDU.

But good old APP roll out the trolls. Scumfront was a term created by real White Nationalists when Darrin Hodges and all the other APP trolls had a tight grip on the forum. Back in the day when SFDU read more like (warning Jewish anti racism site contains porn) FDB with all the Nazi name calling.

So we have Jaxxen and sixtytwo asking the people on SFDU to vote for a Party that calls them "Nutzis" and openly attacks the ONLY REAL WN Party in Australia with smear and lies. But it gets better. The APP propagandists on SFDU claim that its only a few members of the APP who are Israel first and or Anti Fa in disguise.

Yeah guys vote for Darrin Hodges. Just ignore the fact that he along with his friends nearly destroyed SFDU, Australia First and the Australian White Nationalist movement. Lucky for us he is a stupid son of a bitch.

One look at the APP forum confirms that Right Wing Jews actually belong to the APP and are members of Darrin Hodges forum. No surprise, Darrin Hodges belonged to an American Ultra Right Wing Zionist Forum the JTF. Seems that Jaxxen is in the minority with his views not the other way around.

What these two propagandists haven't said is that the two Independent
Senate candidates they are asking people to vote for Darrin Hodges and Nick Folkes are not only Pro Israel but they are the ones who call Storm Front "Scumfront" and accuse its members of being Nazis.

"Some members call it scumfront and ??" No mate the two guys you are asking people to vote for are the "some members".

Plenty has been written about Darrin Hodges over the years. Read it HERE. But what of Nick Folkes? Lets put him to the test. Now I will ask and see if I get an answer? Nick Folkes, can you deny or confirm that you are in fact married to a Non White and can you deny or confirm that you have mulatto
children? We await your answer.Can you confirm or deny that your brother is cohabitating with a negroid female?

I'm sure we can all overlook all of this because a vote for the APP is a vote against Islam OK. Once again looking at the symptoms and not the cause. Will the real White Nationalist please stand up.

This ones for you Nick. Asians good Islam bad hey.

Its very simple folks. After this election and in the coming months we the patriotic White Nationalist movement will be given two clear Political groups. Unlike the Left we do not have half a dozen varying variety's of thought. You have the Right and you have the Liberal Right. The choice is yours what path you wish to take. But lets not mix the two.


Anonymous said...

Jaxxen is well intentioned but ultimately misguided in his support for the APP, but he's definitely no anti or troll. He does not shrink from the White Nationalist label. It's a shame; he could be a real asset to Australia First. He writes well, temperate and usually one of the best Stormfront posters. I guess for the latter it's only a matter of time before the head Pharisee at APP boots him.

Anonymous said...

Jaxxen is a well placed liar. For nearly 2 years the two people he supports have attacked AF leadership with all types of lies and smear.

Meanwhile AF leaders have ignored them and moved on. When radnat finally makes comment over such a serious issue as who is a WN and who isn't Jaxxen has this to say.

"But personally, I think radnat spends way too much time thinking about the APP and its leadership and he'd be better advised to focus on his own party's campaign"

Just like a Jew, always playing the victim. What a joke. Fact its the other way around. He knows this he has witnessed this, he was one of the ones who told them to stop with the attacks. Jaxxen is a fraud.

Why do you think Marl Wilson had all the evidence removed from the forum? These people are the lowest of the low. Jaxxen supports them.

He knows the truth. To suggest he doesn't know that Folks is in a mixed race relationship is ridiculous. It is common knowledge in NSW. Has been for over 6 months but no one cared to say anything because it has been established that APP are not WN. So what does it matter. Well....

For them to come begging for votes from the people they shunned attacked and informed on obviously deserves a comment. A comment from someone who has not spoken very much at all about the many truths he knows.

Did Jaxxen say he would ask and verify if the claims are true? NOPE!

Its obvious Jaxxen swims in the same pool with our enemy. He is very comfortable in that pool. In fact he promotes Hodges who is one of the most vile creatures to ever claim to be a National Socilaist.

Australia First I would hope would never accept him. People like Jaxxen may be able to walk the walk but they are fair weather nationalist. Australia has enough of them.