Friday, August 06, 2010

Australia Calling - Illegals being put in $240 per day motel rooms

Illegals being put in $240 per day motel rooms
Australia Calling

While the lying puppets of the Zionists continue the farcical election campaign, the 82nd boatload of unarmed illegal invaders for this year has arrived. Taxpayers' money, your money, is being used to put them in $240 per day motel rooms and feed them in the motel restaurants at a cost of $100 per day each. The average cost of processing each illegal is $80,000 then they go to the head of queue for welfare housing and get paid about $50,000 a year each in welfare benefits just for being a ****skin. Are you angry enough to fight for your children's future, white man and white woman . . . or are you a coward who will lie down and let the globalists exterminate our race?
Warning! Full on!

HERE to listen.

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Anonymous said...

I love that Lord Haw Haw intro - very clever!