Thursday, August 12, 2010

Australian Number One Enemy of Free Speech. ZIONIST JEWS!

Here we go again. I have just received unconfirmed reports that the Australian Jewish News is reporting that Australian Jews will be pressuring the Government not to allow Paul Fromm into Australia for the Sydney Forum. I am yet to read it on the net but apparently it is in the latest Fish and chip wrapper version. (Note the AJN is very good for use in lighting your wood fired ovens).

While investigating this claim I dared to visit Australia’s number ONE Hate site and Bnai Brith Tax write off the
AJN. What a surprise to find the Poll below. Well I guess we now know that the Liberal Party are a shoe in for the 2010 election. It seems the flirtation with the Zionist in the Labor Party is over. What's needed now is a Conservative Right wing Government to fight Israels wars and allow the flooding of this nation with non whites with out the public attention.

But hold the Phone! Whats this? "Should Israel allow the children of foreign workers to remain in the country?" Would this be the same people who are trying to prevent Paul Fromm from coming to Australia and speak about the inequalities of the Jewish dominated Canadian Human Rights Commission and Left wing NGO's? Would this be the same people who are using their political power to prevent a citizen of the Commonwealth from speaking because they the real haters claim he is spreading hate speech. Seems rather nasty don't you think that 65% of the Jews reading the online version of the AJN would boot out children of guest workers in Israel. What next bombing kids with white phosphorous?

Funny how it is influential JEWS who are defying the wishes of the American People when it comes to US border protection. Funny how it is Jews that are the majority of campaigners and heads of Pro refugee groups in Australia. That's right folks the Jews of the world are nothing but N.I.M.B.Y. (Not in my back yard)Hell Israel isnt even their back yard. They had to kill and murder to steal it. But wait it gets even better. Remember this guy?

It seems the Australian Labor Party are well aware of who really runs the country. Julia Gillards right or should we say left hand man Paul
Howes. Now Paul just so happens to be the master mind behind behind the Julia Gillard "Canberra Putsch" and ousting of the elected Prime Minister K.Rudd. He just so happens to be a HUGE supporter of everything Israel. Just like Julia old Paul reads the polls above. He knows he better use every Marxist he knows in the Jewish Labor Lobby to get Julia across the line.

Now if you ever wondered how criminal Jewish groups like(warning sick Jewish site) Fight Dem Back managed to get Union records/employe details from the now defunct Builders Laborer Federation, wonder no more. I bet Mathew Henderson Hau and Paul Howes shared many a Chardonnay while dining at the Opera House and comparing lumber jack jackets.

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Anonymous said...

There's something about Howe's lippy countenance that suggests a certain proclivity for a certain activity performed most efficiently with by assuming a certain posture.

The prick represents only his masters, and that just happens to be something other that your hands on trade union member.

The Prick's a Fraud and a Collaborator who would whine that his "ascendency" was a function of the democratic process consistent with the trade union constitution.
He'd then suggest that we all have the opportunity to participate in these processes and that if we want to change things then we are welcome to participate.

A bit like your average Jewish establishment lobby who'd say the same thing then whisper like WormTongue in the ear of government that the likes of Fromm are of such devistatingly degenerate character that he should be denied entry at the invitation of Australian Citizens.