Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bnai Brith sponsored Fascist on the move.

Jewish goon squad prepare to target Paul Fromm and a Free Speech Forum in Sydney next month.

Gareth Narunsky "utter useless dead end coward"

or just another journalist for hire by Bnai Brith?

My god is this Bnai Brith telling the majority how to live? Meanwhile they do as they like in Israel. Is this the same Bnai Brith who help hide thousands of Russian Jews in Israel and our Western Nations. Jews who were and are responsible for some of the worst cases of Genocide ever committed in Europe under Jewish Communist rule.

Is the same Bnai Brith who sponsors criminal gangs in Australia like Fight Dem Back. What about the connections they have with prominent Anarchists and there little brain washing crime syndicates in Australia and New Zealand. Book stores yeah right.

Now for the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies.

This has nothing to do with hate speech but all to do with Jewish Manipulation. They know Paul Fromm is wise to them. The last thing these hypocrites need is the truth to be told about what they are up to. Nice little threat by the way "take care".

Expect the Jewish controlled anti fa to be present at the Forum. Somebody better call the NSW Premiers office, oh hang on that's right the NSW Treasurer just so happens to be a Jew and self styled anti fa activist. Fancy that. Read on.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Roozendaal Leads Charge against Australia First

Monday, July 13, 2009

The plot thickens. NSW Labor and the Anti Fa thugs.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gee we collect a lot of info on these criminals. They are not the only ones to "Watch Closely"

Here is the full article. Sorry about taking so long but we had to wait until Darrin Hodges threw it out in the trash:).

Click on the images to enlarge.

Paul Fromm speaks about Jewish Anti Fa harassment and "utter useless dead end cowards"

Dont forget to book early for the Sydney Forum more info HERE


Noachideous. said...

My Old Man was "educated" in the Humanities by a Bnai Brith slitherer that fancies itself as a "psychoanalyst"...Believe nothing that these lying snivellers peddle.... It smells flatteringly sweet, but is in fact

Gentile activism that the "Jews" do not like is anything that might circumvent our subsumation and ultimate elimination under the tender mercies of "Noachide Law"..

These WormTongued whisperers are indeed the existential enemy of an open and honest Mankind, just as Jeremy Moans moaned.

All Gentiles who ally with them must necessarily be viewed as Kapos and Kollaborators against the best interests of Gentiles who refuse to kneel before "Jewish" delusions of ontological exceptionality and other manifestations of public, ritual self abuse.

Gold Coast! said...

quote from text of news clipping...

" for more than 88 years the ADL has been combatting anti-semitism" 88!? WTF!? Seig Heil, oiyyeee veyyyy! lol