Monday, August 16, 2010

Expert Witnesses Sought


My name is Brendon O’Connell and I am involved in a court case in Perth, Western Australia. I am looking for information on the contact details of possible expert witnesses to give evidence later this year in the Perth District Court, via video link if necessary, on the question of whether or not the “Jewish people” are properly classified as being a "racial group" which is defined in the Western Australian Criminal Code as meaning: "any group of persons defined by reference to race, colour or ethnic or national origins."
My position - having been charged under racial vilification laws in Western Australia - is that Jews are a religious group only, and I therefore contend that my alleged actions/words were directed towards a religious group on religious issues, not towards a racial/ethnic group on racial issues.
I believe Professor Shlomo Sand and Professor Paul Wexler could assist but I have been unable to make any contact with either of them. Also – Mr Michael Hoffman ( who specializes in the religious study of so called "Judaism" is also a person of interest who has not returned any of my enquiries. People are encouraged to contact Mr Hoffman and enquire as to his interest in giving expert testimony in the same court as an Orthodox Rabbi.
Brother Nathaniel Kapner of Real Zionist News is another person of interest, as is Christopher Bollyn of All costs of appearing via video link would be met by the State of Western Australia.
Please send correspondence to myself at – – or directly to my Barrister/Lawyer at –

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