Thursday, August 19, 2010


This used to be where I belong now where have all the bootboys gone?
Our old folks built this working town, now the damn place is going down
Now Susie's looking a little beat , meth labs moved onto Carls' street
Jack got shot at 8th and main, Kate got raped, but who's to blame?

Darkened streets and silents screams, my home town is ripped at the seams
But i won't leave without a fight, Ive got on chance to make this right FIGHT!!!

The local pub is all we've got, there's crackheads in every parking lot
Gang graffiti on ice rink doors, Fred's old dinner is now a porno store
I think i know just who's to blame i won't play their crying game
I refuse to hide behind the lot, I'm going to fight them block by block (chorus)

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