Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jewish Controlled Media Caught Out. Now thats a Hate Crime!

Now we remember this story from yesterday? You recall, ATLANTA — Elias Abuelazam was about to board a plane for Israel when police arrested him in connection with a three-month stabbing spree that left five men dead, 13 others wounded and a Michigan city in terror.

Well in the above story we mentioned how the media right up until they caught this Jew escaping back to Israel claimed the stabbings were the work of a White Supremacist. A Hate Crime. Here is the identikit picture released by the media. Looks very red neck dont it. Queue dueling Banjo's.

Above Hate Crime suspect

Complete with baseball cap. Now lets see the real Elias shall we.

Above after the real culprit was caught. "despite the fact that most victims were black there is no evidence race played a role."

Need anymore proof?


Anonymous said...

Yes, a tonne more proof actually.

That neither suggests or proves anything at all.

But i guess you will see what you want to see.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Its about time we got the Israeli Cyber Squad here. Now I know we are being taken seriously. Just for you FOD.

hahaha said...

sorry about this guys but I didn't know where to post it, I thought you might get a laugh from it!

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yep did :)

Bunny Olesen said...

HAHAHAHAHAA WHAT? so there's only proof if a WHITE commits the crime, what a load of jew crap! The arab word for "black africans" loosely translates as the word "slave" in english XD XD you can see the muslims hold blacks in high esteem LMAO

bunny olesen said...

oops sorry, hell I can't tell the difference between jews & arabs honestly.

Anonymous said...

Ummm no.

Just a passer by who was struck but the ridiculousness of this post.

But your dedication to your racial preocupations is impressive.

keep up the crazy, funniest blog on the net!

Whitelaw Towers said...

Well you make sure you come back and give us another laugh OK.