Monday, August 16, 2010

Join the dots. Israel = EDL

White Nationalists have been aware for many many years that an awful lot of Ultra Right Wing groups"Nazis" have been run by and controlled by Jews. In fact its been suggested that nearly 70% of all National Socialist Groups are just a front for Right Wing Jews. These groups are used to recruit and then ultimately to discredit real White Nationalist and followers of National Socialism.

It would seem it isn't the "Nazis" that have been "holding us back" as suggested by the Kosher Nationals. Its the other bloody way around. I don't know about you guys but I am getting a bit sick and tired of finding out that yesterdays "Nazi" or Klans man or in the case of Australia Klans woman turns out to be a Jew.

This of course is never publicized by the media. Only the ridiculous things they have said and done are publicized. Then it is only attributed to evil "Nazis". As we all know Nazis can only mean one thing. Us.

Here is something you will find interesting. I will post the best parts but you will have to follow the links for the full story.

Now this link was sent to us from a dear friend from old Blighty. The author Gilad Atzmon is a Jew. I guess Bnai Brith would label him a self hating Jew. Here is the Link.

I guess it shouldn’t take us by surprise that the Israeli flag has become a common feature at the ultra nationalist English Defence League's (EDL) demonstrations and gatherings.

Recently the organisation gained an ‘important’ addition to its coalition of hatred. It is called the "The EDL Jewish division." According to the Jewish Chronicle “hundreds of (Jewish) followers” joined immediately.

Another follower wrote on Facebook "we are all Shayetet 13", the barbarian Israeli Navy commando unit that was directly responsible for the massacre and executions on the Mavi Marmara.

It is also notable that this Jewish bloodthirsty ‘patriot’ didn’t say ‘we are all SAS, British Navy or RAF’.

Roberta Moore, a prominent persona within the Jewish Division admitted this week to the Israeli Haaretz that it is “actually the Jewish Division that exploits the EDL.”

Moore told Haaretz “We believe that if we call the enemy by his name, we will be able to fight him. We single out organizations that discriminate against Jews and Zionist organizations, and try to explain there is no difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism

the Jewish Division is a continuation of Zionist supremacy and as Moore admitted, it is there to “Exploit the EDL”* or just to take it for a little Zionist ride.

The EDL better also check out how many Jews have given their life for Britain in Iraq, a criminal war that was enthusiastically cheered by Jewish Chronicle writers such as David Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen.

So lets see if I can get this right. Jews in NGO and in the Main Stream Political elite force us to accept every race and creed via Multiculturalism. They then use other influential Jews in our legal system to create laws to prevent us from speaking out against this scam.

We are then forced to accept the enemies of Israel as refugees. Most of whom are damaged goods and have a well rounded hatred of the Zionist controlled West. Basically turning the Western Nations into a dumping ground for the victims of Zionist tyranny.

All of this assists in the destruction of our culture and heritage. It also helps with diluting our genetic lines and creating a huge amount of animosity between us and the alien cultures in our homelands.

This goes a long way to help stack our Military with an abundance of White Kids who still have a warriors heart. Once again the strongest the bravest the fittest, the best of our race lost on foreign battle fields. leaving us with nothing but a bunch of weak whinny metro fags who have no respect for our woman and would breed with anything. Out goes the cry "Kill the best of the gentiles".

Do you really think Australia would have gone and fought these Muslim nations in the 70's and 80's. Hell most of us back then didn't even know what an Arab was. The majority of us thought an Arab was a genie in a bottle from a Saturday morning cartoon show. A Muslim was some guy on a camel who fought along side Laurence of Arabia and our WW1 and WW2 Diggers mockingly called gippo's.

Its a lot easy to kill someone when you have to stand by and watch your country slowly be taken over by alien cultures that you are now in the heat of the battle with. Its pay back baby. These Zionist pricks know the right buttons to push. Hell the last Two World Wars ran along the same lines.

Yet it seems it may nearly be end game. For the Zionists there is no hiding behind a Swastika now. Looks like we can have it back at last. They have no need for it anymore. They have got the angry mob on side. Let the war begin.

They have once again successfully run both camps. A bit like they did with Bankrolling Communism, Adolf Hitler (in the early days) and the system that makes us all happy slaves, Capitalism.

What does it mean for us? Well us "Fascist" along with the Left Wing Fascists will eventually all end up in the same cell or more likely DEAD. I get the feeling that the Left Wing Fascists will convert rather easy once they have served their purpose.

So for now us White Folk who are willing to continue the battle for our survival will have to keep an eye out from all sides now. It will be a lot harder to spot the Zionist from within. Its just a hop skip and jump from the EDL, APP, Australian Defence League Rally/meeting to a 28 gig or a Volks Front gig. This new breed of Nazi hunters will look just like us.

Remember this my friends, "They think the league is exploiting us, while it is really we who initiated the Jewish division. If anything, we are exploiting them (the EDL) .” (Roberta Moore, Haaretz 13.7.10) and "We single out organizations that discriminate against Jews and anti-Zionist organizations, and try to explain there is no difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. We send them letters and wait for a response, and then we take action to expose them."Mmmm who dies that sound like?

So it becomes rather clear in hind site what has been happening to the Australian White Nationalist scene over the past 5 years in particular. Still think its a good idea to flirt with the Australia's version of the EDL and people like Darrin Hodges and the liars at the APP?


FugaziQuo said...

Moore should get the fuck out of Britain and go live in Israel along with the rest of her gaggle of fifth columnists. The EDL are such obvious fakes - just another Jew-controlled front group.

What true British nationalist group would permit the flag of a foreign power to be flown at their gatherings? That the Star of David is flown at EDL events tells us all we need to know about the people who control this group and what their true objectives are.

That the EDL use loyalist "no surrender" and "red hand of Ulster" paraphernalia is in itself a good enough reason to give this lot a wide berth. There has been plenty of collusion over the years between loyalist paramilitaries and British intelligence.

bunny olesen said...

GREAT ARTICLE - absolutely fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Well, as an Ulster Loyalist I aint pleased that OUR Ulster flag has been hi-jacked by the proto-semites of the ZDL.

As for the "collusion over the years", well all I will say that its the usual Irish republican fenian bollox.

End of time the UVF & UFF forced the surrender of the murdering IRA bastards.

English Dunce League ? said...

The reason societies crumble and are often those in which the "Jews" are permitted or steal an ascendency,is because the "Jews" who are victims of their own religion, believe us to be soulless animals in human form sent to serve their narcissistic interests.

Everything we build to better ourselves they actively seek to destroy, because we don't then fit their belief if we are permitted to succeed as we inevitably would if left to alone.

This is why the analogy of Much Chosen syndrome fits so well. A perfectly healthy child or society is purposely screwed over so as to make its Mother feel she practices "Tikkun Olam".

Why pricks Kollaborate with these evil bastards is beyond me, except that they may seek, as Kapos, a small measure of the Jews "power" of which they have only through the belief of fools in the Jews lies.

The "Jew" discovers its "truths" as a function of the democratic consensus of tragic Gentile fools and the foundations of a "Noachide" society are created and reinforced with the salacious lies of the Jews and hydrated by their cheering "Christian" Zionist lickspittles.

Isn't that Knave Exemplar and ZionTart connected liparse wise to the YiddyEl ?

Anonymous said...

I understand there is an ADL version of this group now that hang out with various Neo Nazi's, are they the same thing?
This is confusing and very frightening for us.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yes the ADL exist. I am not aware of anyone who identifies as a National Socialist having anything to do with the APP run ADL. The ADL is made up of members of the Southern Cross Soldiers and the Australian Protectionist Party. No Nazis just Jews.

Dr Marten General Manager said...

There will always be two different nationalist movements. Lets face it, not all nationalists will be racial and not all will be non racial. Its good to have one nationalist party for the racialists and another one for the people who aren't racialists. One Nation and the Australian Protectionist Party are needed in the movement so as to give the non racialists a home. Like wise, Australia First is needed for the racialists. I am surprised that Whitelaw Towers hasn't said any thing about the Democratic Labor Party. The Democratic Labor Party is somewhere in between. I have been thinking that the DLP could be used as some kind of half way between racial nationalism and civic nationalism. Lets face it, racial and civic nationalist parties don't really cut it when it comes to elections. A half way party like Democratic Labor could be somekind of one big church for all the different nationlaist and right wing people. Saying that, you need some kind of street party so Australia First could be some thing like that just like the National Front was during the good old days back 1978 up until the 90s.

Anonymous said...

Make you need to get your facts right. You have said above that SCS members in the ADL are Jews ? We ain't Jewish not one of us are. A few of the boys have FAR right views. Most are just right wing. So don't push people away by making stupid comments that suggest we are Jews when we are not.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think the EDL is "controlled by Jews' or the waving of the Israeli flag is just to provoke the Jihadis in to violence? I am not an expert on the matter but I think the latter, and the scenes on Dateline last night (minus the Sikhs and niggers) is exactly what this country needs: a Cronulla every week! If Searchlight and AFA are worried, can it be such a bad thing? I don't think the UK had seen anything quite like this since the original NF or Mosely, at least in numbers. At least SOMEBODY has some boots on the streets confronting the Islamisation of the West.

Whitelaw Towers said...

"Do you really think the EDL is "controlled by Jews"

Yes. So far the evidence supports that. Please show me your proof. If you believe working with Jews is going to help you good luck with that. Just stay the fuck away from us thank you very much.

"At least SOMEBODY has some boots on the streets"

Yeah mate I agree considering my boots are on the street. But a funny thing, the media ignore what I and others do. They only publicize the fake Nationalist groups such as the EDL. Flag waving Nationalist are a lot easier to control and manipulate that way.

"I am not an expert"

Thats correct. Please try not to forget that.

My advise, if you don't agree with WN and NS folk such as me fine. Just stay away from us, stop poisoning the minds of our followers.

Dont even consider coming to our meetings while you still associate with the enemy. You will only be used by them to collect info on what we do.

You see we could not give a crap about what others do. But others seem very interested in what we do.

We are to busy fighting on our terms not theirs. At the end of the day I and many others have principles and discipline. We fight for our culture and our folk. We don't fight for flags or foreigners. We fight to win.

Join us. Stop listening to people who have no idea of the truth or who are actively hiding the truth from you. Join the struggle, stop hampering it.

Whitelaw Towers said...

"Make you need to get your facts right. You have said above that SCS members in the ADL are Jews ?"

Show me were we have said that about the ADL? Did you confuse the Anti Defamation League the ADL with your group? The ADL/Bnai Brith are all Jewish.

I have said and provided proof that some of the EDL members are pro Jewish. I have shown proof that some of the members of the EDL are Jewish.

Did you read the article or did you just listen some lies from Luke Connors or Darrin Hodges.

"We ain't Jewish not one of us are. A few of the boys have FAR right views."

Again I never said any of you are Jewish. I have said members of the Australian Protectionist Party are. Thats because they are. Its a fact.

The ADL not to be confused with the Bnai Brith one talk to people who constantly slander people like myself. Why do they slander us? Because they are pro Jewish and we are not.

I know your ADL does work with people who support Israel. Just like the Bnai Brith ADL. I know your ADL hates Islam just like the Bnai Brith ADL. I know your ADL work with people who say they are right wing but are Right Wing alright, right wing Jews. Just like the Bnai Brith ADL.

I can understand how you may have thought I was talking about you. Search this site type in ADL. 98% of it the results will be articles about the Zionist right wing group in America the Anti Defamation League.ADL.

Now there is no point denying that your group does have Jews associated with it. You are aligned with the Australian Protectionist Party. No point denying it mate. Read this before? You would if you were on the ADL Face book list. ADL Face Book May 30. "I realise we do have a few APP supporters on board..." Do I go on?

Mate I could publish heaps of stuff on you guys but have I, the answer NO. We know who you lot are and who you speak with. We know some of you are on our side and even speak with us. But I know you are to lazy to ask questions or demand proof from the people who bullshit to you about us.

You just haven't realized that you are all being led down a road that has been well and truly made ready for you to fail. In the process you will be used to damage legitimate WNist groups.

"Most are just right wing. So don't push people away by making stupid comments that suggest we are Jews when we are not."

Very interesting term most. All the folk on my team are Right Wing. Not most or half or even 99% ALL. They do not work with the enemy.

Mate may I suggest it has been you that has made some very stupid comments. You have made accusations against me with out showing any proof.

I do not push you away. If you are a WN or a NS person I will embrace you as a brother or a sister.

I will not do this while you insist on being used as a double agent unwittingly by the enemy. Join us or leave us alone. There can be no mixing of the two.