Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No More Heroes (Addendum)

Any argument that contends Julian Assange of Wikileaks is an ‘independent’ and ‘objective’ champion of the truth is rendered utterly flaccid upon even a rudimentary examination of the nature of the particular ‘scoops’ he has published and who, precisely, these ultimately benefit. The publication of the British National Party’s membership lists for example is a blatant indication of his Left Wing Globalist political bias. There is DEFINITELY a very specific political agenda being served here.

The gloating and taunting comment on Wikileaks in relation to this ‘leak’ “BNP leaked list claims first victims. Genie + bottle = foot + mouth” reveals much about the nasty, puerile, sneering nature of its staff. The phraseology could just have easily emanated, like a noxious miasma, from the online digital latrine pits of Brian ‘weezil’ Stokes’ ‘machinegunkeyboard’ or anarchist @ndy’s ‘slackbastard’s Internet sites. Truly, these wretched geeks all graduated from the same college of scatological indulgence and masturbatory delusion. WHAT a bunch of wankers!

For what possible legitimate reason would these detailed personal records require to be openly disseminated in the public domain? Is this REALLY in the public interest? The only possible ‘benefit’ is to assist so-called ‘Anti-Racist’ and bogus ‘Human Rights’ organisations along with any number of Jewish lobby groups’ approved thugs in their pursuit and harassment, both verbally and physically, of Patriots and Nationalists.

The very act of ‘leaking’ the names and addresses of members of a legitimate and registered political party is a partisan political statement and tactic and is parallelled by the similarly outrageous publishing of the Australian One Nation Party’s membership lists by the Australian Jewish News. What might, on one level, be interpreted as relatively soft core Terrorism like this can result in very real hardship for targeted individuals who seek to maintain the confidentiality of their political affiliations. Employment opportunities and jobs can be threatened. Relationships with friends and relatives can become strained or even break down due to social pressures. All this is perfectly well understood of course by the perpetrators. That is precisely why these crude, low brow tactics are utilised in the first place.

If Assange were fair dinkum to any degree whatsoever Wikileaks would be posting up lists of all the benefactors, supporters and operatives of the criminal group known as the Anti Defamation League of B’nai B’rith or the homo-pederast politicians from the Left Wing parties like Labor Party and The Greens and their network of connections within the Judiciary and Government Bureaucracies or how about the details of the cover up of the real facts regarding the ethnicity of crime?

No. Like all Leftist so-called ‘anti-establishment’ types and ‘inclusive’, ‘tolerant’ ‘progressives’ he is, in actuality, an obsequious, authoritarian conformist wrapped in the tatty clothing of a ‘maverick’ in a form of political transvestism that is simultaneously comical and sickening. These same types have instigated and supervised the murder of millions over the past century in the name of ‘Human Rights’ in every ‘democratic’ and ‘liberal’ atrocity from Dresden to Belgrade. Don’t worry about the ‘collateral damage’ of the innocents. All can be rationalised through the politically correct application of ‘Humanist’ Fabian dogma.

The truth of the matter is that the so-called ‘information’ he ‘leaked’ on the Afghan affair was patently only low level, low grade communiqué stuff. No more than the ‘chatter’ between field units and frontline operational ‘noise’. No strategic stuff, not one ‘Top Secret’ or ‘Above Top Secret’ document. Just enough to be ‘embarrassing’ but not to be operationally harmful, a carefully executed self inflicted wound, a mere flesh wound or superficial scratch.

But amid the constant blizzard of disinformation disseminated increasingly by spooks and infiltrators in every major political group, even within the so-called ‘911 Truth Movement’ and ‘White Nationalist Movement’ it is becoming increasingly difficult, even for thinking people, let alone the Lemmings, to confirm the truth.

On the subject of the perennially confused, misguided and just plain dumb, Webster Tarpley of World Crisis Radio describes the twisted Leftist mindset that we are only too familiar with via Darp, Weezil, Slackbastard etc quite succinctly: “The stubborn stupidity of the Left Liberals, their gullibility, their hysteria, their herd instinct, their inability to look at the way things actually work, they just can’t understand things by their CAUSES.”

For example, a total dead-shit waster like Brian ‘weezil’ Stokes wants Internet sites like Whitelaw Towers shut down simply because it disseminates the truth about Globalism and Multiculturalism yet also wishes to be permitted to post vile filth like the soft core kiddie porn of ‘photographer’ Bill Henson with impunity. These parasitic creatures like Darp, weezil and slackbastard shadow the kleptocracy of the Fabian Socialist ‘Elite’ like pilot fish hanging with sharks. Seemingly utterly oblivious to the irony of their status as 'useful idiots' who will be summarily disposed of like so much toxic waste once they have exhausted their 'usefulness'.

The career welfare leech Brian 'weezil' Stokes blubbers and whines at every opportunity about his struggle living on a disability pension and one has to wonder how, if the figures he provides are accurate (he claims $15,000 per year), how he makes ends meet at all. The obvious question begging to be asked, despite the fact it's a national scandal that he gets even a Dollar of Australian Taxpayers' money, is what ‘supplements’ to his income allow him to remain such a seemingly well organised and resourced nuisance to normal society rather than simply starving and wasting away to a well deserved death.

See the first installment of this article to find clues as to who or what might fund this piece of filth's campaign against Nationalists and Patriots.

By way of proof that Leftist Loons have absolutely NO idea whatsoever here is a nice pic of Darp and friends backing what turned out to be Australia's worst Prime Minister by a LONG, LONG way... Oh Dear!

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Anonymous said...

If Julian Assange or any of the above mentioned persons winds up dead at the hands of some nation's secret service, or person or loved who has had thier lives eneded (literally or otherwise) then it will be a fitting end.

Assange now has the blood of many moderate Afghan heroes who have been resisting the Taliban. I am sure the printed Wikileaks documents are being eagerly thumbed by the Taliban's filthy fingers and the "infidels" being tracked down as we speak.

I can only hope Assange, his staff and his associated ilk here and abroad share his fate.