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No More Heroes

Julian Assange

Webster Tarpley of World Crisis Radio says of him “The strange figure of Julian Assange, this bloodless, emotionless, psychologically very unusual specimen. Is he a hologram? What is he?”

Tarpley also describes the Afghan ‘document dump’ as “a very sinister operation” designed to refocus attention on Pakistan and/or Iran as the real villains in the endless so-called ‘War on Terror’. The game plan is to get the Allies out of Afghanistan and to transfer the war to Pakistan/Iran or even Syria. This is so obviously an Israeli imperative as to be unworthy of any further need for additional supportive evidence. Remember, Cuo Bono? Can everyone spell ‘Enemies of Israel’?

The effete and insipid little twat that we see being hysterically promoted of late on our Tel-Avision screens is a construct, a product, every bit as manufactured and marketed as the latest women’s personal hygiene item. It really is that uncomfortable and cringe-worthy to witness. There is such an overwhelming stench of Gefilte fish wafting about this entire ‘Afghan papers’ affair that it is certain Assange has the indelible Kosher stamp of approval and is, in effect, an honourary and deputised Sayanim.

His Wikipedia (sic) entry describes him as, among other things, a ‘whistleblower’. Make no mistakes Folks. This nasty little freak is no whistleblower. He is certainly no ‘courageous whistleblower’ but rather a common criminal. A professional hacker for hire who lives off the theft of information and who recklessly endangers the lives and livelihoods of others simply to boost his own inflated sense of self importance and to masturbate his pathetic ego.

His Wikipedia (sic) entry also states: “According to The New Yorker, Assange was born in Townsville, Queensland in 1971. (In the past, Assange did not publish his exact age, only stating that he was born in the 1970s.) Assange has said that his parents ran a touring theatre company, and that he was enrolled in 37 schools and six universities in Australia over the course of his early life. From age eleven to sixteen, he lived on the run with his mother and half-brother, avoiding his half-brother's father who was believed to belong to a cult led by Anne Hamilton-Byrne.”

Assange was, not a million years ago, your typical wretched, snotty nosed, whiny Lefty dossing on a piss soaked mattress in some ‘roach infested, mouldy, bed-sit shit hole. Just like our beloved @ndy ‘slackbastard’ and friends in their extended Melbourne (alleged) Anarcho- Syndicalist network.

It becomes immediately apparent upon viewing the SBS Dateline program’s story entitled ‘The Whistleblower’ that Assange’s ‘A Team’ of personal assistants and raggedy cadre of supporters represents every repellent stereotype of the Loony Left, society’s misfits and rejects. It is almost physically sickening to watch the same tired old walking, talking clichés of all that is abnormal and abhorrent about today’s sick society.

There are also very clear and recognisable parallels to Mathew ‘Darp’ Henderson-Hau and Brian ‘Weezil’ Stokes in the manner these creepy nerds have been elevated to ‘expert’ and ‘consultant’ status while being nothing more than common, criminal perverts. All that is decent and normal in life is turned upon its head when ever these disgusting deviants are referenced by the Controlled Media as so-called ‘experts’ on ‘Racism’ and ‘Hate crimes’.

The real key to understanding his true and ultimate function is to resist focussing merely on his apparent actions and look to who benefits. Who is paying the freight for this twerp? One must follow the money trail and some keen observers have claimed it leads to none other than the Hungarian Zionist Jew Billionaire George Soros (formerly György Schwartz) who is VERY active in promoting N.W.O. interests and in the attempted debunking of the 911 Truth Movement.

Interestingly, strangely perhaps, there is a very strong Chinese connection, of all things.

The Wikipedia (sic) entry on Wikileaks states: “The organization has described itself as having been founded by Chinese dissidents, as well as journalists, mathematicians, and start-up company technologists from the U.S., Taiwan, Europe, Australia and South Africa. Newspaper articles and The New Yorker magazine (June 7, 2010) describe Julian Assange, an Australian journalist and Internet activist, as its director.”

According to The New Yorker of 7th July 2010 in the “No Secrets” article: “The name Assange is thought to derive from Ah Sang, or Mr. Sang, a Chinese émigré who settled on Thursday Island, off the coast of Australia, in the early Eighteen-Hundreds, and whose descendants later moved to the continent. Assange’s maternal ancestors came to Australia in the mid-nineteenth century, from Scotland and Ireland, in search of farmland, and Assange suspects, only half in jest, that his proclivity for wandering is genetic.”

Certain dopey female reporters want to bear his children. In truth he is anything but glamorous. His entire image reeks of the down at heel genteel poverty of the Upper Middle Class dropout. He’s all brown corduroy, threadbare socks and scuffed, seventies zip up boots. How even the most drug addled and Leftist dogma befuddled ‘journo’ could confer rock star status on this bourgeois dumpster diver is beyond this writer’s imagination. It is all truly quite perverse.

Every man has his price, ESPECIALLY self proclaimed Left Wing ideologues.

In the great chess game of global politics, bluffs, feints, gambles, ruses, even the deliberate sacrifice of key pieces, are all justified and permissible in pursuit of the desired result, victory.

Michael Cosgrove of Digital Journal, who is quite clearly a homosexual, gushes like a hyperventilating pubescent bobbysoxer over Assange.

“Put black leather trousers and a jacket on him, then hang a guitar around his neck, and you’re looking at a baby-faced and aquiline-featured rock star. His blond locks and charming smile could have seen his poster on any kid’s bedroom wall.”

Ooh er! and Oh Dear! There are chilling parallels in this promotion and idolisation of this utter twat to the über deadshit Mathew ‘Darp’ Henderson-Hau. This slobbering by (alleged) males and females over Julian Assange has all occurred before with Darp.

This absolute tripe from Brigid Delaney way back in 2004:
“Darp Hau = Celebrity. Countless people contacted me excitedly after I wrote about meeting Darp Hau on my booze-n-politics fuelled weekend. Ladies and gentlemen, I can confirm the rumours are true - he is built like an Adonis, has the mind of Einstein, the spirit of a warrior, and the crisp, clean testicles that only a Nivea-assisted shave can provide. And since Darp has become a sort of blogging celebrity, I can only conclude that since I have met him, I too count as a celebrity. Except not really at all. I am thus Kevin Federline to Darp’s Britney (minus the trailer trash sexings, obviously).”

The ABC site describes Delaney thusly: "Brigid Delaney is a former Sydney Morning Herald journalist now living in London, where she has worked for The Daily Telegraph and CNN.Her articles have also appeared in The Age and The Guardian. She regularly contributes to the opinion pages of The Sydney Morning Herald.Her book This Restless Life, about consumer culture, will be published by Melbourne University Press in August 2009."

What a dreadfully sad looking sack of shit she is too. Honestly, not only wouldn’t you give this thing a second glance out in public, you would wish you hadn’t hurt your eyes the first time. WHAT a dog! Why IS it that Lefty Women are SO woefully aesthetically challenged? Are they actually ugly on PURPOSE? Sheesh!

A couple of pertinent quotes from Webster Tarpley regarding ‘Wikileaks’
‘Wikileaks is NOT an Anti-War’ organisation’

‘Assange resists 911 Truth. He says “These people annoy me”. The only scandals that can be brought into the polite discussion of these geeks and dehumanised characters of his ilk are the conspiracies of which he approves”

In the book ‘Unseen Unheard Unknown by Sarah Hamilton-Byrne 1995 ISBN 0 14 017434 6 Penguin Australia it states: “The cult's doctrines were a syncretism or mixture of ideas from Hinduism, yoga, Zen, Christianity and other sources, combined with an uncritical adoration of the movement's female leader. Initiation involved the use of drugs - usually LSD but, if this was in short supply, psilocybin-rich toadstools would do. Secrecy and a low profile were encouraged by the motto “Unseen, unheard, unknown”.

During an interview on the Channel Nine 60 Minutes program of Friday 2nd October 2009 the reporter Karl Stefanovic stated in reference to ‘The Family’ Cult that:
“By the time children were 14, they were being forced to take LSD, just as the adult members did.”

Sarah Hamilton Byrne elaborated:
“You were locked in a room, completely dark, for days, and just fed this drug over and over again and people come in, Anne and other of her sect members coming in, telling you to work on yourself and to confess that I was thinking of sex, that I wanted to be raped, that I was evil.”

This was the cult that the young Julian Assange and his mother were allegedly on the run from, his step father being a senior cult member. Was he also subjected to this outrageously abusive and traumatic treatment? He won’t say. He tells interviewers that his own personal life is not only out of bounds but is entirely irrelevant to his current actions. This writer thinks otherwise. Creatures like Assange are psychological ‘damaged goods’ and ripe for exploitation and manipulation by sinister forces. Namely, the traditional enemies of White Nationalists and other socio-political elements resisting N.W.O. Multiculturalism and Globalism.

Of interest to this writer and possibly quite relevant to any examination of the Assange pathology is the following. While being interviewed by Richard Fidler on the ABC Radio’s ‘Conversations’ program of Friday 15th July 2010, Scott Stephens revealed his father, a CIA Agent, had told him that the CIA had routinely recruited special, deep cover agents they referred to as ‘The Spooks’ from Government institutions such as Orphanages. These youngsters, with no parents, no identifiable backgrounds, were groomed by the CIA, trained in ‘Black Ops’ and sent on deep cover missions. Fidler even proffered the term ‘Janissary’ as a description of their function and Stephens agreed.

He added that back in 1961‘The Spooks’ were allegedly leading a secret ground invasion of Cuba and that the official cover story of the ‘Bay of Pigs’ assault was really just a diversion for their real mission of assassinating Fidel Castro. At the last minute JFK called off the air strike and the entire contingent of ‘Spooks’ were gunned down. The claim is that this was seen as a shocking betrayal of the CIA by Kennedy and ultimately led to his assassination by an alliance of forces including the CIA which wanted him dead. Obviously, the advantage of ‘Spooks’ is that they have no network of friends and family to miss them when they are gone and if they are compromised in the field then there is plausible deniability by the Government who will leave these undocumented ghosts to die.

One has to ask what sort of rewards these types of creatures require to convince them to perform the task of virtual Human ‘fire and forget’ assets. Powerful and pleasurable rewards such as Sex and Drugs come to mind. Sex, usually extreme and perverted, and Drugs, feature prominently in the profiles of phoney ‘activists’ such as Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ and @ndy ‘slackbastard’.

The U.S. Army, among several government agencies, has certainly been noted for its extensive experiments utilising psychotropic and mood/personality manipulating substances such as LSD.

So, all this being said, why would the intelligence agencies employ an asset like Julian Assange? Well, there is an old saying that sometimes the best place to hide something is out in the open where nobody will take any notice of it. Most folk tend to get more suspicious of things that are either entirely or partly concealed. Assets such as Assange have the added benefit of acting as a honey trap for real dissidents and whistleblowers who become emboldened by what they tragically mistake as a noble, brave, or even reckless, folk hero.

Finally, John Young of Cryptome, who was on the board of Wikileaks, resigned claiming Wikileaks was ‘a CIA front’. Truly folks, what more needs to be said?


Anonymous said...

This should be made compulsory reading.

bushranger said...

An excellent piece.

The most important question as always is "Cui bono?". As you say the whole "Afghan documents" smells to high heaven.

I mean it even refers to Tim Osman aka Osama bin Laden hiding out in Pakistan even though it has been documented that he is dead and buried!

Anonymous said...

On an other "Blonde" kollaborator Kapo.

It is true what Hoffman asserts,that the Zionist Jews were at the forefont of Islamist immigration advocacy.

Christian Zionists don't seem to get that fact.