Thursday, August 26, 2010

Racist Jew spews anti white hate in QLD.

Court: mum sought revenge over marriage


A GOLD Coast cosmetic surgeon has told a Supreme Court judge his domineering Jewish mother was trying to force the sale of his canal-front home out of 'revenge' for marrying outside his culture.

Dr Aaron Atia, 46, said his mother Violet Nusbaum had always hated his choice in women and labelled them 'Gentile gold diggers'.

A civil court hearing in Brisbane was yesterday told Ms Nusbaum became so concerned about women taking advantage of her successful son that she convinced him to take out a $1 million 'asset protection' mortgage from her.

Dr Atia, founder of several cosmetic surgery clinics on the Gold Coast, said he gave in and signed a 'pretend' mortgage on his Sorrento home in 1990 to mollify his mother after she promised she would never enforce the registered contract.

Dr Atia has claimed that when he married his Gold Coast girlfriend in 2005 against his mother's express wishes, a feud was started.

He has claimed that in 2009 she demanded he repay her $1 million for the mortgage and $266,000 in interest out of 'revenge'.

Mr Atia is seeking a court ruling that the mortgage is invalid.

The civil hearing is expected to continue today before Judge David Boddice.

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