Thursday, August 19, 2010

RE POST. Mat Henderson makes the big time. C18 make him famous

Due to the fact that You Tube removed the video and suspended the account of Whitelaw Towers something about terms violation, we present you all with the new censored video. Now I wonder who would have made a complaint. Anyway we fixed it up so that it now conforms with You Tube policy.

I would like to personally apologise to You Tube for using the sexual explicit (lucky we cropped the original) picture of a Black Transvestite. We used a screen shot from the front page of the Jewish run Fight Dem Back anti racism site. Warning 18 plus HERE. It was posted originally by FDB to remind a certain White Nationalist that he was being Black Mailed get the joke? You will if you follow the link. Funny stuff hey. Once again you Tube we are very sorry.

Yes folks he has done it. He is everything you expect from a Lawyer. Jewish, greedy, manipulative, corrupt, hypocrite, cocaine abuser, left wing Labor. Not to mention skilled in Black Mail, stalking, twisting the truth, threats, acts of thuggery and fits of rage.

Why Do People Hate Lawyers? Source

"Have you ever asked yourself why everyone hates lawyers? We need lawyers in our civilization don't we? Heavens no, what makes you think we need them? They do not produce anything really. All they do is raise the costs on health insurance, car insurance, home owners insurance, small business insurance, malpractice insurance, errors and omissions insurance and all this costs you money at the accountant, doctors office, driving your car and even living in your own home.

But is this enough to hate them? Of course it is, but would you like some more reasons? Okay fine, lawyers have rendered our government ineffectual and most of the politicians are lawyers and they never do any thing. Everything the government does is inefficient, want to guess why? Lawyers.

Surely there are some redeeming qualities out there for lawyers? Nope none I can think of. You see in my opinion (this whole article is opinion) I believe that lawyers are a plague against humanity. Is this why everyone hates lawyers? No, this is why some people hate lawyers. Generally the hatred towards lawyers is a personal thing really. Everyone has a really good reason why they hate them so much? What is your reason?"

Shakespeare Henry VI (Part 2) ".
"the first thing we'll do, let's kill all the lawyers"

here is another Law Firm that flagged attention last year.

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