Monday, August 23, 2010

Results are in. Dont look or you will be turned to a pillar of salt.

Well not really. We still do not know what traitor will rule over us till the next election. So how did the Nationalists go? Well a lot better than the Socialist Left. Lets not piss around here we farking flogged them in Queensland. No matter what part of Queensland you live in, patriots all had a chance to vote for a Nationalist Party via the Senate vote.

Now Queensdlanders had the Civic Nationalist Party One Nation and the Hard Line Right Australia First to vote for in the Senate. Poor old One Nation just days before the election and a week after Australia First gave them their first preference let the cat out of bag. Seems Rod Evans the QLD Senate candidate for One Nation has certainly lost the plot. "We believe international adoption should be encouraged."

So in reality Queenslanders had only one real White Nationalist Party to vote for. Australia First. So how did they go. Well we spoke with one of the Australia First campaign members yesterday. What we found out was that on a budget of $2600 and a total media blackout by the MSM the Queensland AF senate team look to have received around 10 000 votes. The final numbers will not be known till the end of the week. Numbers currently are sitting on around 7318 with about 70% of the vote counted.

We were told that the AF campaign team are very pleased with this result and believe that the State Election will see a huge increase in their vote. They will have more resources and most importantly more people to lend a hand.

Considering the Lib/Lab Party received over 70% of the Senate vote there wasn't much left on the table to fight over. There was also a HUGE amount of Candidates to choose from. Sixty Five from memory. There was also around 95,233 informal votes. Ten thousand people have just given up.

The AF 1st preferences went to One Nation who received 16,694 votes and the Fishers and Shooters Party receiving 31,576. An astounding amount of votes for the little known but well funded Fishers and Shooters Party. The Senator On-Line Party didn't fare that well. They also suffered from a lack of funding but did receive some media. They ended up with 6,706. The Climate Skeptics received around3,424. Well done to them all.

What about the reds. You will love this.

Socialist Alliance 3,185

Dear oh dear, I can hear them now complaining about those evil Fascist Nazis over at Australia First.

So what of the protest vote? This would usually go to the Australian Democrats. But it looks like Queenslanders have turned to a party that doesn't mind admitting to having sexual deviates in the ranks. Check this out. Australian Sex Party 48,265, Australian Democrats 14,502. Sodom and Gomorrah anyone?

Now what about the Senate in NSW? Well as we have said AF did not run a senate team down that way nor did they run a Senate ticket in Mexico (Victoria). Nationalist had a choice between The Zionist Christian Right and the Civic Nationalists. Our little friend APP spokesperson Darrin Hodges and his Culturally enriched mate Nick Folkes had a stab and a grab for the Jewish Right. Hodges & Folkes receiving 1,198 votes from the Sydney Jewish community.

Here is a sample of the NSW Senate vote. A lot of work needs to be done down that way.

One Nation 17,370

Communist 5,236

Socialist Alliance 17,180

Now if you would like to see how the other Australia First Candidates went drop on over to here to have a sticky beak.


Anonymous said...

AF really needs to get to the One Nation punter and let them know that we are the true nationalist party. It appears One Nation is now nothing but a thief of nationalist votes.

Whitelaw Towers said...

I agree, but they best only ask the real Nationalist to join.

Anonymous said...

Once again, politics proves not to be the answer for White Nationalism.

P.S. Victoria isn't Mexico, Victoria is Bangladesh.

Whitelaw Towers said...

There is no right answer for WNism, we must use all options.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest, target the areas with the highest One Nation vote with intensive letterboxing, especially conservative hotspots such as retirement settlements. I think the results booth by booth are available from the AEC.

Anonymous said...

Hi There WLT's regarding O.N in SA I do know them well and many are well decent ppl. I have to tell you how deranged thing have become here in Adelaide. The electrate of STURT Chris Pynes seat. The unaware until now Demorats endorsed a Darren Andrews who is a convicted child fiddler and this sicko polled 80 odd more votes than good old Jack King from O.N
What a messed up electrate. Keeping my options open on to how get stuck into this crap in that area. I think utube will be a start. Thanks Adelaide patriot


ballot paper: "Australia First Party", yep, a big ol' tick went into the K box above the line then the paper was stuffed into the box.

I walked out with my head held high and a big grin on my face.

Here's to the state election, THE REDS GOT SMASHED, AS THEY SHOULD BE!

Whitelaw Towers said...

White Nationalism marches on!