Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who is @ndy and the rest of the Fight Dem Back Drones?

Boy the stench coming from the members of FDB is getting a bit thick. Seems @ndy has decided to stop ignoring Israeli crimes and has decided to cut and paste some anti Israel articles/pictures on his site. Someone is looking for some credibility.

He along with Mathew Henderson and others have attacked anyone with vicious lies if they dared to say anything bad about Israel or Zionism. Many recall the fav saying at FDB was that "The Joos done it" when they spoke about people who criticized Israel. Well we are not surprised @ndy is once again trying to be a radical. Its all a part of the cover story. Especially since we outed them all.

Many recall how back in the day Fight Dem Back and its founding members claimed to be based and modeled on the UK anti racist criminal gang Searchlight. Well read this and compare notes with the activities of Fight Dem back.

The Infiltration Game

"Searchlight obtains much of its information from imaginative use of the telephone, 'black-bag' jobs (of the sort Gable has been convicted for), snippets of gossip and information blackmailed out of vulnerable fascists eager to protect some guilty secret or other (usually of a sexual nature), and selected tit-bits fed to Gable from his “top-level security sources”. The value of a great deal of the material they print is arguable. Often it is slanted to achieve other ends than simply 'antifascism'. Gable has recently lent himself to a series of manoeuvres, allying himself with former members of the Socialist Party of Great Britain (SPGB) who had joined the Libertarian Alliance, aimed at seizing control of the Alternative Bookshop in Covent Garden (a pivotal influence within the LA) and ousting Chris Tame (who has recently also come under fire in the pages of Searchlight) in what they hoped would be the resulting split."

Now one does wonder... They truly are the Australian version of Searchlight. What is with these groups left and right following the UK so closely that it would be hard to tell the difference.


Anonymous said...

For the Toilet Duck et al from the AEC:

"Membership Lists of Political Parties as is shown by the decision of Mr Justice Tamberlin in The Fishing Party Australian Electoral Commission and Anor [2008] AATA 377 (9 May 2008).

The memberships lists of registered political parties that have been used for registration under Part XI of the Act are confidential and are not accessible by third parties.

I trust you find this information of assistance.

DimShitz said...

We all know Anarchist Rabbi ShpunkFlien's a fraud...He knows it to and the fact that a Jewish wet dream is the purposeful destruction of all races and peoples as a precursor to their forced adminstration under the auspices of "Noachide Law"..or evenn their elimination as soulless beasts in human form.

There was an a politician with the name of DimShitz when I was a kid...Out of a Communits country if remembered rightly. That was a crackup...Every Gentile Nation needs a Shabbos Goy bleader with that name.

Simple facts.....Those who desire Greater Israel and a diasporised Europe have purposefully flooded Europe with Islamists to teach Whitey Goy who the "enemy" is, so that Whitey DimShitz will do the Wetwork while their own country is diasporised by Jewish Daleks.

Its as simple as the fact that Jews are "Chosen" and the rest of youz DimShitz are not..

Get it...yet ?

Anonymous said...

Ah, @ndy, the irony of his Young Ones "Nozin Around" video posted 29/8/10. He is so like Rik Mayall's portrayal of Rick the Anarchist Sociobiology student it's almost not funny!