Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Winter Sleep Out. Preliminary Report.

I still have to wait for all the reports and video to come in. So please be patient. I can tell you all it was a great success and was supported by White Nationals, average Aussies and the homeless. From all reports it was loudly applauded by passing traffic.

What we can tell you is that Australia First QLD Senate candidate Peter Schuback was there along with some LNP sack of shit who dared to turn up. Sadly we have to report that Mission Australia is as we always suspected just another Left Wing NGO.

"Mission Australia have, as of today, withdrawn their support for us but that just means we won't be fund raising for them - the cause remains the same.... I refuse to be intimidated by threats of legal action - this cause is too important."

A rather nasty and hateful letter from yet another "we love everyone as long as they agree with us group". The tone of the letter is unique to red scum and self loathing whites world wide.
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Well we all know who is important now don't we.

But looks like the short sightedness of a close minded person will not get in the way of some good old White Nationalist activism.

This Sunday 8th August - 10am at Parliament House in Brisbane. Please promote widely immediately!

Round two!


Anonymous said...

Seems that words of Mission Australia are restrained by a fear of not receiving the approvals of someone or thing.. But Whew or What could that be. As an ostensibly "Christian" organisation, they surely must be aware that there are those disciples amongst or around them who feign friendship, yet seek the favor and pleasure of others....These types are extremely small in number and constitution, but their treachery, lies and mischief do irreparable damage to both Mission Australia and the people served by them.

Founding Purpose - 'Inspired by Jesus Christ, Mission Australia exists to meet human need and to spread the knowledge of the love of God'

JC was never obsequious or deferential in dealing with the works of the Pharisees who currently work to erect a legal monstrosity they call "Noachide Law" in Australia.....

The destruction of all homogenous communities and indeed the Races themselves is a necessary precursor to this....So as to manufacture a polarised caste system centred about the prejudiced entitlements the so called "Jews" feel their nameless G_d has granted them but denied those not deemed magnificent by the mirror of Judaism.

While those who sleep out may well be accurately described as homeless, the functionaries of Mission Australia may accurately wear the attribution, GormLess.

Anonymous said...

Three thumbs up for Australia First!
The reaction from Mission to be expected (their a church group, wadja expect!) but you got your brand out there to the media and passing traffic! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Mi$$ion Australia is a business. They do the government's dirty work for them. It is not in Mi$$ion's interest to end poverty, or homelessness, otherwise all those professional godbotherers would be out of a job, no? In fact it is in Mi$$ion's interest to actually perpetuate disadvantage in Australia as the "disadvantaged" are their bread and butter.

The idea of so called Christian charity is that an act of charity is a direct worship of Christ, rather than compassion for compassion's sake as Dawkins and others have pointed out. For anyone who loves his brother more than God is not worthy of Him, no?
So the more people Mi$$ion attends to, the more Brownie points they get with their Abrahamic deity.

Hence, many Christians are actively involved in importing all of the worlds problems here either for money or stored riches in heaven. It's just that the rest of us have to pay in crime, rape, gangs, etc when their pets are eventually loosed out of their cages. More often, the last place you will find a refugee or their family is in a good Christian's home or in the rectory of their pastor (unless perhaps he has a predilection for little brown boys instead of the white ones he may have grown tired of).

So then, the road to Hell really is paved with good intentions.