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What I.S.D is all about!

Source Blood & Honour Australia HERE

A tribute to Ian Stuart and the glory of Skrewdriver

The Born in the summer of '57 at Poulton-le-Fylde in Lancashire, England,
Ian Stuart Donaldson was to become the godfather of Racialist music the world over. Growing up in nearby Blackpool Ian felt the urge to do something other than conform to the boring and mundane lifestyles that surrounded him. In the early seventies he was drawn to the style and culture of the Skinhead. When he watched his good friend Grinny (John Grinton) play in a local band his heart set on forming his own. His first group was called Tumbling Dice which played mainly cover versions of the Rolling Stones and The Who. An offer came from a London record label but the rest of the band refused to move to the capital and they disbanded.

It wasn't long before Ian formed another band, but this time he had the added influence of Punk. He had seen the Sex Pistols play their first gig in Manchester and was struck by their attitude and aggression. In early '77 Skrewdriver was formed and Ian, Grinny, Kev McKay and Phil Walmsley ventured to London to set up base near their record label, Chiswick Records. They went about promoting their band by playing regular gigs and with their debut single 'You're So Dumb.'
At one gig a fight broke out involving one of the Skrewdriver crew which resulted in Bob Geldof being knocked out on stage. Skrewdriver acquired a reputation for violence and it spelled commercial disaster when a riot erupted at another London venue, this time with influential music business people present, and Skrewdriver lost various big deals and earned themselves a London gig ban at the same time.

From then on it was to be an uphill struggle and although their debut LP ‘All Skrewed Up’ was given fair reviews, their Skinhead appearance was not welcomed by the music press and promotion became almost impossible. The band moved to Manchester on the recommendation of Chiswick Records and acquired a strong local following there but, due to their reputation and their change in musical direction, they found themselves dropped by Chiswick. They continued alone, and even produced a classic single 'Built Up, Knocked Down' for local Manchester label TJM, but by the end of '79 Skrewdriver was no more.Back in Blackpool Ian became a major figure on the Skinhead scene which saw his involvement with the National Front and later the British Movement become a real focus for him.

Skrewdriver re-forms

He wanted to re-form the band for the NF but he never got the commitment from them that he so dearly needed. So it was in the summer of '82, while back in London, that he was persuaded to re-start the group. He recruited two South London Skinheads on bass and drums and placed an ad in the music press for a guitarist. It wasn't long before they were rehearsing, and recording was under way with two tracks for the United Skins compilation and two more for the very popular 'Back with aBang' maxi-single. The single was well-received but the chattering classes were gossiping that Skrewdriver were a racist band. The press had to wait no longer than the end of the year to have the rumours confirmed. Skrewdriver played regularly at the 100 Club and on stage late in '82 Ian raised his right arm and proclaimed "This one's called 'Tomorrow Belongs To Me.'" The crowd roared and thus began the true legacy of Skrewdriver.

Albert Marriner, to whom 'Sick Society' is dedicated

At 7:45pm on Tuesday 3rd May 1983, old-age pensioner and NF member Albert Marriner was walking to a National Front election meeting when he was struck on the head by a brick hurled from a "mainly black" mob of rioters. They had been mobilised by an unlawful election leaflet issued by Labour Councillors of the London Borough of Haringay. Albert was taken to hospital where he died the next day. The police refused to investigate the events which led to Albert's death. How the media would have howled and screamed if we had murdered one of them!

Ian was working closely with the National Front who were keen to exploit the band's popularity, seeing it as a great way to recruit members. A record label was set up producing the band's first political tracks. 'White Power' sent a shock wave throughout the music industry - one paper claimed the single was "The most evil record of all time." All Skrewdriver's gig adverts were banned and pressure was placed on any venue with the courage to host them. For the NF, 'White Power' was a great success and they increased their coverage of the scene, with more bands emerging of the Rock Against Communism genre. This was real-life Rock 'n' Roll rebellion, an underground movement that was thriving right under the noses of all who had tried to destroy it. Skrewdriver struck a deal with German-based label Rock-o-Rama and despite bomb threats, government action and music business pressure, the partnership remained strong until Ian's last days.

Skrewdriver produced their second LP Hail the New Dawn in 1984 and while their line-up went through various changes, their popularity grew, not only in Britain but internationally. The NF decided that their coverage in Bulldog magazine was not enough and launched White Noise magazine and an organization to run it.

Martyrs are made of this

Just before making Hail the New Dawn Ian was quoted as saying:

"I am not the type of person to creep and crawl to a bunch of weak-kneed, pacifist lefties and two-faced Zionists. One must be honest to people about one's beliefs and especially when the survival of our very race is at stake. I have no doubt that anyone who expounds patriotic beliefs has a little black mark put against his name, and by now I must have a massive black mark near my name. C'est la guerre."

These remarks were to prove prophetic. It seemed as if Ian's hard work was beginning to pay off when he was arrested after a skirmish with a gang of Africans and then found himself sentenced on 11 December 1985 to a 12-month jail-term. Here are some reports of what happened

Joe Pearce in 'Skrewdriver: The First Ten Years', 1987, p. 37:
Ian and I were sentenced to prison for twelve months. Ian's 'crime' was defending himself from attack by a group of blacks who presumably didn't like his hairstyle. Needless to say the police, in their wisdom, refrained from prosecuting the blacks who instigated the attack. The incident was widely covered in the mainstream media which managed to turn Ian into the perpertrator. Here is a sample of the lies...

David Browne in the Sunday Observer:
"Led by Ian Stuart, who was jailed for 12 months in 1986 for a street attack on a Nigerian in the King's Cross area of London, Blood and Honour is planning to tour Holland, Belgium, France, Sweden and the United States later this year."

Garry Bushell in the Sun, 6 March 1986:
"Stewart, 28 - who changed his name from Donaldson - is serving 12 months in Wayland prison, Norfolk, for attacking a West Indian."

Chris Dignan in a Derby local newspaper, 1993:
"He was jailed for 12 months in 1986 for attacking a Nigerian woman on a London street."

Skrewdriver's Blood and Honour LP was already recorded but it would be six months before he could hear it again. If the authorities had thought that Ian's imprisonment would halt his progress they were badly mistaken, for his popularity remained high and he received more mail than the rest of his fellow inmates put together. While in jail he wrote an article for National Front News and a lot of new songs, many of which appeared on the White Rider LP.

In 1987 White Rider was released and stands perhaps as his greatest work, outstandingly produced and with comparable lyrical content. At the same time as this supreme achievement however he became unhappy with the way the National Front were running things. Ian's feelings at the time are expressed in the song "The New Boss". The NF were attempting to censor his lyrics, no doubt in pursuit of the respectability all political parties crave, but which will never be afforded to Nationalist parties by the current media clique unless they disastrously compromise their perception of Jews. At the time the NF leadership dictated that there were to be no ‘Sieg Heils’ and no references to ‘niggers’. Skrewdriver, Brutal Attack, No Remorse and Skullhead played gigs organized by the NF but were not paid, and Ian also suspected that not all of the money which the NF was making was being spent on the movement. That year he handed in a letter of resignation from both White Noise magazine and the National Front.

The White Noise debacle was yet another setback in a life of so many ups and downs but Ian's resilience was to prove yet again why he was Number One - plus of course there's not many people who can lay claim to having stuck the boot into Iggy Pop. Blood and Honour was formed but this time the organization was to be independent of all political parties and run by people involved in the music scene.

Ian was branching out and decided to form the Klansmen with the intention of encompassing the Rock-a-Billy scene the way Skrewdriver had with Skinheads. The Klansmen drew together various musicians and proved a great success. The project would have gone a lot further had it received the right investment from Rock-o-Rama.

The Jewish Board of Deputies gave Stuart the accolade of
"most anti-Semitic man in Britain" and the police seemed determined to stitch him up. He became a cult figure in fashionable Carnaby Street when stores there began to stock his records. It was the police intimidation that proved too much, however, and Ian packed his bags and left for Derbyshire. There he could again play regularly and in a short time had built a large dedicated local following.

Ian had long wanted to experiment with the Skrewdriver sound and create a more polished feel to his music. A meeting with a talented young Rock guitarist and patriot Stigger gave him the chance to turn some of these ideas into reality.

Stigger became a close friend of Ians as well as the bands lead guitar player and they were to work together right up until Ians death.

Events in Cottbus, Germany

Internationally the band's reputation was growing and Skrewdriver were invited to play all over Europe, and especially Germany, where they had become enormously popular. A concert was arranged in Cottbus, in the former East, to celebrate Germany's unification. Several days before the event Skrewdriver were arrested after a riot erupted in the town. Ian was released but the remainder of the band stayed in jail for over a month, being moved to top security Moat Prison in Berlin. The story was headline news on both sides of the English Channel and, on arrival back in England, Ian set about recording a mini-LP entitled 'Justice for the Cottbus Six.' The rest were released on bail and charges were eventually dropped after two years of stop and start trials.

Ian continued to produce Skrewdriver LP's adding solo compositions to his ventures. The Klansmen and White Diamond were two more bands organized by Stuart intended as distinct projects separate from Skrewdriver. Spreading his influence even further, Ian and Stigger released a full-length CD or two of acoustic classics, Patriotic Ballads.

The Battle of Waterloo

In 1992 it was thought that Blood and Honour's profile needed boosting, so a massive concert was planned. Posters advertising the Waterloo redirection point went up in every major British city, there was newspaper coverage and Ian was given a radio interview which concluded with him being wished well. The night before the gig Ian was glassed in face by a Negro saying "That's your gig over then Nazi" and he lost two teeth in the attack.

The Communists were out in force on the day of the gig but no-one could have forecast how far the police would allow them to go. Around 1,000 Reds gathered to cause trouble, although most Skins had heard by word of mouth that the actual venue was in Eltham and made their way directly there. Thus the Reds massively outnumbered about 200 Skinhead stragglers, mostly Europeans who had come from abroad specially for the gig; several hundred more had been turned back at the ports. The clash was dubbed in the following day's press as "The Battle of Waterloo." But despite all this, the concert still took place. In between songs Ian said

'You have to do your bit for Britain, some of you in here tonight may not be members of any political party, but you must do your bit for Britain, gather information of all the parties and choose who's right for you, but don't do nothing.'

The following year Ian and the band recorded his and Skrewdriver's last LP, Hail Victory. It was their best offering since Warlord five years before but tragically Ian would not live to see it released.
On the night of 23 September 1993 Ian was involved in a car crash that would result in his death, as well as that of friend of the band Boo (Stephen Flint). It was Ian's car but Robert Sherlock was driving, and at the inquest he described how it had felt as if the steering wheel "was 'snapped' from his hand." Derby Coroner Peter Ashworth concluded:

"We are still no nearer finding out what caused this tragic accident. All we can say is that because of the car's two defects the car became less easy to control. But there must have been some other factor which contributed to the crash, even if Ian had not grabbed the wheel in a way many others in the same situation would have done."

The suggestion is that Ian's car had been tampered with. Whatever the origins of his death, it was a tragedy that the Blood and Honour movement has yet to recover from.

The Flame That Never Dies

Everyone who ever knew Ian, saw him play live, or has heard his music on tenth generation tapes in every far-flung corner of the globe, will appreciate the contribution he made to the cause of White pride. He sacrificed his life, untempted by money, undaunted by prison and intrepid in the face of violent opposition, because he knew that what he held inside was something more precious than anything on this planet. He held a fire in his heart that burned for the pride and convictions of his race and nation.

What was Ian like as a person ? This seems to be something that is seldom addressed in the many tributes to him that have appeared in the years after his death.

Those of us who had the honour to know him can say that he was a genuinely kind and loyal person, often quietly spoken, highly intelligent with a real sense of humor.

Ian never displayed any egotism or arrogance-often he would turn his humor on himself. He always had time for the people around him and would never fail to greet a comrade or say some words to a fan of the band.

As we remember Ian the Political Soldier we should also remember Ian the man.

On a special note we would like to wish everyone heading off to ISD this year a happy and safe trip and an even safer trip home. 828

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I'm going to Jump! Do a flip!

Refugee sexually assaulted girl one month after getting visa


A REFUGEE sexually assaulted a teenage girl on a city-bound train just one month after earning a visa on "humanitarian grounds", a court has heard.

Sayed Mohammad Sidaqat, 34, appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court today and pleaded guilty to one count of indecent assault.

Prosecutors told the court that, on July 17, Sidaqat boarded an Outer Harbour line train at Ethelton and sat down next to a girl, 16.

He "squashed her" up against the side of the train before caressing her hand and placing it on his erect penis.

Prosecutors said the girl felt "extremely scared and powerless" as Sidaqat kissed her neck, fondled her breasts and tried to touch her pubic region.

Francis Elekwachi, for Sidaqat, said his client was an Afghani national who fled the country to escape the Taliban.

He said Sidaqat's wife, four children, mother and sister-in-law were in a refugee camp in Pakistan.

"My client was arrested during the Taliban regime, imprisoned and tortured," Mr Elekwachi said.

"About five years ago he managed to escape ... he emigrated to Australia in search of safety and a better life for himself and his family.

"He was granted a visa on humanitarian grounds in June of this year, and came to Adelaide on June 15."

He said Sidaqat suffered from mental health issues including post-traumatic stress, but was remorseful and unlikely to reoffend.

Magistrate Joseph Baldino said he could not be sure of that without further psychological reports.

"He came to Adelaide on the 15th and committed this offence on the 17th, just a month later," Mr Baldino said.

"I don't think I can deal with this without further exploration."

He ordered psychological and psychiatric reports, and remanded Sidaqat on continuing bail for sentencing in November.

Outside court, the victim's father said his daughter was "coping" after her ordeal.

"She feels like she can't let things get her down, and she's travelling on the train again," he said.

He said it was "very distressing" for Sidaqat to be on bail.

"I don't want this sort of thing to happen again, to someone else," he said.

"Our laws really have to be looked at, here in Australia, when people commit offences and get bail."

Just for you Dazza.

Above Australian Protectionist Party NSW Fund Raiser.


Orthodox Jews set fire to hundreds of copies of the New Testament in the latest act of violence against Christian missionaries in the Holy Land.

Or Yehuda Deputy Mayor Uzi Aharon said missionaries recently entered a neighborhood in the predominantly religious town of 34,000 in central Israel, distributing hundreds of New Testaments and missionary material.

After receiving complaints, Aharon said, he got into a loudspeaker car last Thursday and drove through the neighborhood, urging people to turn over the material to Jewish religious students who went door to door to collect it

The books were dumped into a pile and set afire in a lot near a synagogue," he said.

The newspaper Maariv reported Tuesday that hundreds of yeshiva students took part in the book-burning. But Aharon told The Associated Press that only a few students were present, and that he was not there when the books were torched.

"Not all of the New Testaments that were collected were burned, but hundreds were," he said.

He said he regretted the burning of the books, but called it a commandment to burn materials that urge Jews to convert. Read more here

Just another day at school for a White South African.

2010-09-22 Tom de Wet of Volksblad newspaper writes from Welkom in the Free State that in yet another of the many attacks targetting white pupils of late, a Grade-9 Afrikaner pupil, Norman Fourie, 16, was beaten senseless by a black pupil, who was egged on to continue the vicious beating by a group of black pupils. A knife was also involved: he sustained cut-marks to his neck and back. Read more Source.

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Boof Head and Bullshit Award of the week goes to.

Drum roll please.

Congratulations Fat man, the Anarchist secret weapon.

An interview with a bullshit artist. Hint that's the big fat guy in black talking to the New South Wales Police above. Please prepare to roll eyes and shake your head.

Take it away Fat man.

For very self-evident reasons, organisers of Australia’s premier white-power gathering, the so-called ‘Sydney Forum’, go to great lengths to hide information about where and when their next illustrious event will be held.

That's funny this year an invitation was published inviting these people to come and explain their beliefs. It was published on the Rev Left forum and most importantly on the Sydney Forum web site. Hardly "go to great lengths to hide information about where and when".

The Sydney forum web site reads.

The Sydney Forum organisers will nominate a person to argue the case for “Cunning Censorship”, and we invite the public to nominate someone to argue the case for “Real Concern”. We especially welcome nominations from groups/persons who have been most vocal in condemning and trying to shut down the Sydney Forum.

The forum organisers reserve the right to select this person from the list of nominees, and will select someone whom we consider to be academically and intellectually qualified to argue the case. If in the opinion of the organisers, no suitable candidate has emerged, the reasons for this will be stated and an address on Hate Speech will be given at the Forum and be duly published.

Nominations for parties interested in arguing the case for "Real Concern" close on 1 August 2010, and the names of both debaters will be revealed on 2 August.

The audience members will vote on which argument “won” the debate.

All audience members must be paid ticket holders attending the 2010 Sydney Forum and must abide by the forum rules of respecting the speakers' right to talk without being interrupted or heckled. The same applies to audience questions.

All persons interested in participating in the debate should contact: 0407 732 868 or

So much for that.

"In the past, the assembled cream of Australia’s fascist crop have been met with large, vocal counter-rallies by antifascist activists and community groups who insist that it is simply ludicrous that a city as diverse, multicultural and tolerant as Sydney is in any way the appropriate venue for a rally of the wannabe Blackshirts."

OK lets look at that.

Last year we had these guys turn up.

Hardly what I would call a large vocal counter-rallies of locals. Out of 11 protesters it has been suggested half of them maybe more are from Victoria. The forum is held in New South Wales.

So much has been written about last year I'm sick of linking it but I will once again.

2009 Sydney Forum
More 'comedy' from @ndy
More Mirth And Merriment From Moran

Assorted Pics from the Sydney Forum.

@ndy and his continuing love affair with the RSL

Sydney Forum 2009 video.

Anarchist Lies! Sydney Forum 2009

Anti Fa, Anti Climax. Sydney Forum Report.

2008 Sydney Forum was canceled because both of the organisers had a lot on their plates.

2007 Sydney Forum has zero demonstrations. In fact nothing at all happened.
Darp's Steel Balls go dry and rust...

2006 Sydney Forum. Up until now it was the biggest failure from Anti Fa

Monday, August 28, 2006 Darp was totally OWNED!

Monday, August 28, 2006 The curious case of the disappearing Darp

2005 Sydney Forum. After harassment by so-called 'anti-fascist' / 'anti-racist' forces the Sydney Forum was an inspiring event. The only failure was the anti fa demonstrator who attempted to use a home made knife on one of the attendees who also suffered from Cerebral Palsy. All of that was caught on the JJJ Hack Radio program. Again total and utter failure.

"Whilst I would vigorously agree, this isn’t really one of those stories about the clash of opposing ideologies you might expect the day after the Sydney Forum. Rather this is an account of those who, wielding the threat of arrest, enable the unchallenged spread of racist propaganda and the perpetuation of xenophobia, homophobia, fabricated history and all the other regressive, hateful vile you’d expect to find at a party full of nazis."

Translation. I was all alone with my beliefs, none of those others bastards who said they would turn up turned up. But I have cemented my reputation as a hard line lefty. My Rabi will be pleased, I managed to get in the word NAZIS.

Whilst the zeitgeist has changed rather a lot since Oswald Mosley relied on London police to “protect” the march of his British Union of Fascists down Cable Street in 1936, the parasitic relationship between fascist groups and the police has survived pretty much intact.

Thats funny. Now keep in mind that this has been published on a site that is nothing but a state run honey trap for Anarchists. The principle member of this site continually passes information onto State and Federal Law Enforcement. See below.

Anarchist @ndy shows his true colours. Blue and White.

May 14, 2009
What happened to Cam Smith? What of all the other members who once spoke so proudly of being members of FDB? Old Cam disappeared real soon after he confessed on National Radio to helping ASIO and other Feds. He even claimed his info was ...

@ndy Slackbastard drops bomb shell. On his foot!
Jul 24, 2009
I hope you all recall FDB Victorian member Cam Smith very good friend to @ndy comment on air that they FDB have better info than ASIO. Here is a reminder. ("The claim that ASIO has left the monitoring of RACE HATE groups to FDB is ...

“Cam Smith” and FDB Caught OUT! Interview about “Southern Cross
Dec 15, 2008
Yes folks the media and Cam Smith from FDB are truly doing exactly what was predicted. In a radio interview this morning Cam Smith has colluded with the Media to distort the truth and play down the tragic shooting of Tyler Cassidy. ...

What ever happened to FDB Co-Founder "Campbell Smith"
Aug 25, 2009
Here we have Bleach aka Cam Smith bragging about his deception towards a real White Nationalist who ran the Australian Red Watch site. He even has the nerve to try and get Aussie WN to turn on his victim. What a DOG. ...

Dec 16, 2008
As of 4.00pm EST still no word from Cam Smith co-founder of FDB and left wing hired gun at CRIKEY. This has been a great disappointment to many. It is obvious that FDB and its members are a paper tiger and cannot or will not come out ...

Anarchist @ndy the Government Informer.
Sep 25, 2008
Donald was also involved in making false and misleading complaints to ASIO along with his Melbourne bum chum Cam Smith. Old Cam Smith used his Police connections in Melbourne to smear a Senior White Nationalist in Australia. ...

As for the real story of Oswald Mosley please click here.

"The strategy is different, largely because it is infuriatingly hard to club a protester you don’t want to listen to in public now that we live in the age of social media and smartphone ubiquity, but the effect is the same. I should make it abundantly clear that whilst I don’t believe that the cops sympathised particularly with the assembled dignitaries of white-supremacism, it is largely irrelevant to the outcome of their hard-line ‘no criticism’ show of force – to immunise fascist ideology from ANY criticism, providing the desired separation from empirical reality fascism needs to perpetuate itself without resorting to violent means."

Well read what you like into that dribble. This fat piece of shit had plenty of opportunity to get his point across 500 metres down the street. It must be noted once again all he needed to do was to take up the offer of a debate the day before at the actual forum.

Instead they refuse to debate at a public venue and prefer to scream obscenities and cause public disorder at the private and personal residence of Jim Saleam and his two children. As for the rest of the dribble this guy could double as Journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald.

"When I turned up to this year’s Sydney Forum with the intention of challenging the bonehead vacuum, you could say that the police conducted themselves in a manner that any private security firm would pride itself on. I didn’t even have time to make it to the opposite side of the street where I intended on standing before I was challenged, told to stop, detained and grilled whilst the assembled boneheads leered at me from the gate of their compound. Go efficiency!"

Again we witnessed this and I can assure you that Fat man was very relieved to see the Police once he arrived. "Leered" more like laughed you stupid bastard.

"At first I was told by the officer in charge that ‘my friend’ (I was alone) had just pointed a weapon at police, that he had already had to bury a colleague that week, and he was damned if he was going to let that happen under his watch."

Nice admission. We wondered what he had done. Thanks dip shit. Just like 2005 these scum come armed.

"I did not see what this other kid did, so I refuse to speculate as to what might have happened, but even though it should have been abundantly clear to anybody that I was there by myself it still took a long time for the officers to concede the point. In the mean time, struggling to understand what any of his accusations had to do in any way with me (and wondering why the keynote address of a prominent international fascist propagandist and Holocaust denier deserved tax-payer funded private security) my bag was confiscated and I was searched. I was also forced to relinquish my driver’s license, under threat of arrest, and my details were recorded."

Details recorded, interesting. Now my fat friend please drop us a line at Let us know if you are available to debate the Holohoax. I reckon we could find someone who could speak for our team. Come on use your "degree in History" for "rebuffing the anti-Semitic revisionist drivel" It would be well attended. My bet you will learn first hand that the powers that be would never let this go ahead. But you know that already. Go on drop us a line.

"The tension was palpable. I hoisted my best impersonation of level-headedness and attempted not to splutter indignantly as the officer in charge delivered an admirably theatrical soliloquy decrying my ‘obvious’ desire to start a violent riot that would terrify the elderly residents of the street. I also learnt that I hated freedom of speech and that I was a hypocrite for not just letting the guys ‘have a barbecue’ in peace. When the curtains finally dropped, I attempted to clarify my intent (peaceful); my motives (plug refugee rights events to other activists, attempt to finally use my degree in History by rebuffing the anti-Semitic revisionist drivel); and that my solution to obvious nonsense free-speech I vehemently disagree with is opposition from my own informed, dissenting speech."

Maybe a private recorded debate to be aired on the Internet will interest you on all the above. We have hundreds of people to choose from that will take you up. I await your reply.

"Greeted by blank stares and the seemingly reluctant report by a constable that the search of my bag yielded little more than Refugee Action Coalition fliers, water, a book, gum & cigarettes (as well as my primary ‘weapon’, a sign reading ‘welcome refugees, not fascists’), the officer in charge lost interest and left the constable to ‘process’ me. Apparently the decision had already been made, because at this point I was issued an official move along notice and told to return to my specific suburb of origin under the threat of arrest. Out of options and with thirty seconds to get going before they charged me with disobeying police instructions, I stumbled away perplexed and fuming by the absurdity of it all."

What a bloody drama queen.

"As I walked, indignant at the notion I was the biggest threat to public security in an area full of people whose idea of a good time is getting drunk and beating the shit out of anyone they regard as untermensch, a carload of men in Blood and Honour (neo-Nazi) garb pulled up alongside (perhaps mistaking short hair for fascist sympathy), to enquire about how I was on this particular day. Twenty odd seconds into my thirty and surprisingly I didn’t feel like hanging around to analyse the events of the last few minutes with them that much. Though it was clearly an exercise in stating what could not be more obvious, I assured them they were in no absolutely no danger from my sinister bleeding-heart protestations and that I was already on my way. Gesturing towards the police cars in way of explanation I added, ‘you know which side they’re on.’"

So they the "Nazis" let you go? They knew exactly who you were and you knew who they were. You even saw them leave the venue and then return. Yet they let you pass. So much for "beating the shit out of anyone they regard as untermensch". The only people who are acting in a violent or provocative way is your people.

I can just see this fat prick sitting at home stroking his cat in frustration. For Christs sake please bring back the Fight Dem Back team at least they made you laugh.

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WLT Sydney Forum report.

I will start from Thursday. Dropped on down to the big smoke on Thursday arvo to have a few drinks with a good mate of mine and his lovely girlfriend. This of course turned into a typical session that carried onto to the wee hours of Friday morning. So the flight down was rather quick as I slept all the way.

Once I arrived I was picked up by some very nice chaps who instantly turned me into an honorary New South Welsh man. Caught a good metal band in what I suppose was a typical westy pub and carried on like crazed vikings till very very late. Even found a can of rum.

The forum. To put it simple it was great. You truly dont know someone until you meet them in the flesh. The forum is the event for doing this. One guy in particular I met was a real nugget. Just joking.

It was the standard mix of folk from all walks of life but sadly guys and gals, no fascist anti fa. Shame really a few of us were well and truly ready this time around. Maybe next year. If you want to get a full rundown of the speakers and the forum it should be up in a few days HERE.
I will cut and paste any reports as they go up.

Saturday night was the same as Friday. Just another westy pub, but one with a nightclub a bigger beer garden and some bloody huge white working class types who like to rumble. The sorta place anti fa and the left stay away from.

Sunday was suppose to be the big day. Hell they even told us they were coming.

I like the next one. This has to be the funniest shit Ive seen from a FDB co founding member in ages. I think Donald Oorst has confused stomping with wanking.

Considering none of them have ever showed up at a rally they promote its a bit rich I think. Oh sorry, the leader and founder of Fight Dem Back and current employee of Turner Freeman Lawyers Mathew Lee Henderson has. With a police escort of course.

Back to the day. Well we all made sure that we got down to Tempe on time for this one. At about 1130hrs the call went out "they are here". You bloody beauty we all thought. Running out the back what do we find? A big fat tub of lard and a skinny little Asian fellow.

This dip shit obviously didn't get that big from being a Vegetarian. This kid truly is an internationalist, he likes his KFC and Macas. The other guy a scrawny little Asian guy actually looked like he may be the big fellas lunch. Pics of him are on the way. So is the video of him being arrested and hand cuffed. None of us have any idea why he was arrested but maybe the Police removed him for his own safety.

It was about now we decided to do a run down to the train station and pick up a few comrades. Zero hour was approaching. No one wanted to miss the show. On our arrival back at the venue imagine our surprise to see the big fella legging it from the venue. Thinking he had successfully extracted himself from the danger zone he seemed a little surprised to see a car load of invited guests pull up right beside him. I asked him if he would like to show us some of his protesting skills. There sure as hell wasn't any Police around to stop him down this end of the street. He decided he would show us his speed walking skills instead. Funny stuff.

So as zero hour approached so did the anticipation. Maybe fat man and lunch were the spotters? Soon enough it was 1300hrs and still no sign of the Fascist Anti Fascists. The pressure was to much for a few of us so we headed next door with the National Alternative people from Vic for a nice cold beer and a cider or two.

By 1400hrs we thought we better go back and have a sticky beak. Still no sign of the great unwashed. How could this be? What had gone wrong? They had been aware of this meeting for more than six months. They had even promised us that they would come. It was very disappointing.

By now the day had dragged on. The four Police officers who had been standing out the back all day looked rather pissed off about sitting around in the sun. It had been reported to us that the NSW tax payers were paying for forty riot Police and a dog squad to be on standby all day. On a Sunday! Imagine that folks these idiot Anarchists and assorted left wing dip shits just cost the NSW Tax Payer a minimum $22500. How many actual crimes could have been prevented by using this man power fighting crime instead of watching me eat a few snags off the BBQ and drink beer all day?

So what did these wankers end up doing? Lets look at their report from the day shall we.


Newtown square/The Hub was occupied today by anarchists, anti-authoritarians, antifascists and people in solidarity to make a demonstration against the Sydney Fascist Forum happening this weekend in Tempe.

Jesus wept. They demonstrated 4.2 km away. In a different suburb. What happened to meeting out the front?

Texts were distributed and banners were hung around reading "NO BORDERS", "NO NATIONS", "SOLIDARITY IS OUR WEAPON, WAR AGAINST THE WAR OF THE BOSSES", and "NO COMPROMISE WITH FASCISM".

Cops immediately tried to stop the people gathering in the square, they threatened to arrest people for swearing, hindering police, playing amplified music, obstructing the footpath, sitting in a tree, and gathering in public without a permit. They ordered that protesters would be arrested if they used their sound system. They tore down the "NO COMPROMISE WITH FASCISM" banner and stole it.

The police were also telling the passersby that the occupiers were violent but when the public opinion started to overwhelmingly turn against the police Sgt Vincent Azzopardi backed off. For hours a whole squad of police remained right in front trying to intimidate the demonstrators to leave. They even started bringing xeroxed police files down to the squad in the square where they compared photos, and made snide menacing remarks using the demonstrators names (sourced from police surveillance/records) in an effort to further harass and intimidate people.

Now get ready for this folks this will blow your mind. Do they read their own material?

The police actions are a clear attempt to prevent people meeting together in public space and communicating. This kind of police tactics must be met with strong social resistance.

Am I the only one laughing so hard that I think a little bit of pee just came out? What exactly were they intending to do to the people attending the Sydney Forum? Oh hang on this is what they did last year.

Back to the Fascist Anti Fascist.

Below is the text distributed today.


The annual Sydney Forum of Fascists is happening for the 9th time down the road in Tempe this weekend. It is the biggest fascist gathering in Australia and is held at ‘the bunker’ where Jim Saleam the fuhrer of the Australia First Party lives.

Reactionary, right-wing and anti-immigrant politics have become more mainstream again with the political parties and the media outbidding each other with their appalling spectacle. This has given confidence and created a space for the fascists and the far-right to organise.

The groups that gather there this weekend, proselytise vile anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric, and have their histories in Hitler/ Nazi- worshipping anti-semitism. They are racist, homophobic, and are apologists for colonialism and Aboriginal genocide.

One of the other fascist groups, the Australian Protectionist Party also recently came here to promote themselves and to hand-out flyers in Newtown under the ‘I Have a Dream Mural’.

They were driven out by locals who would not accept their racist presence.

Fascists have also insidiously taken control of the Humanist Society and their building over in Chippendale. Which has been met with strong community opposition.

We want a community that practices solidarity intrinsically in daily life. We want to live in a place that welcomes diversity and that refuses to accept the isolation and atomisation of those that live and struggle in our community. A place where people aren’t complacent or afraid to stand up to racism, sexism and homophobia, and don’t allow the fascists a platform for their hate.

In a country that has been built on the violence of colonialism and genocide we must recognise the continuity of these practices and demonstrate our solidarity with Aboriginal struggle.

Our capacity to actualise this support, solidarity and resistance is under attack by the gentrification and commodification of all public space, alienating and removing us from our communal reality.The police act in their role of ensuring that this process runs smoothly for developers and business interests - they are the defenders that uphold the laws and interests of the powerful in this racist and exploitative society.

This is our community- these streets and squares don’t belong to the fascists or police. By occupying these public spaces to meet and talk with each other we make visible our potentiality to oppose the authority of those who would attempt to dominate us.



-Anarchists and Anti-authoritarians

One has to wonder if Darrin Hodges or one of his anti Nazi mates wrote this article. Look at the tags for it.
* Sydney * antifa anti fascism newtown racism australian protectionist party app sydney forum anarchist

The mind boggles. Why would they tag the APP? Isnt the second day of the Forum held at the head quarters of the Australia First Party?

So what does the State owned asset anarchist @ndy have to say? After all it was him along with Mathew Lee Henderson and their web site Fight Dem Back that started all this in the first place.

I'm not linking him unless it was a story about his gruesome accidental death, if you need to see it on his sick site please go ahead and Google it.

Sydney Forum

The 2010 Sydney Forum done come and gone, with relatively little fanfare. Presumably, things went swimmingly for da fash, while Sydney-based businessman, Volksfront organiser, and Master of Race Ceremonies Welf Herfurth ran a friendly but tight ship. Nevertheless, some Sydney-siders did apparently decide to hold some kinda rally in opposition to the Forum on the Sunday, across the road from the venue @ The Bunker:

Happily, the NSW police were kind enough to provide a security detail for the event, one which also apparently outnumbered protesters, who were noticeable largely by their absence. (Or rather, I had difficulty spotting them from my helicopter.) Police were also kept active in Newtown as “Newtown square/The Hub was occupied … by anarchists, anti-authoritarians, antifascists and people in solidarity to make a demonstration against the Sydney Fascist Forum happening this weekend in Tempe” (Anti-fascist Occupation of Newtown Square, Indymedia Australia, September 19, 2010).

Now this one caught our eye. "some Sydney-siders did apparently decide to hold some kinda rally in opposition to the Forum on the Sunday, across the road from the venue"

Ok folks check out the "Sydney-siders"

Looks rather lonesome. He was also rather nervous and took off as soon as he hung up the phone. Lie number one.

Lie number two. "Not the only action taken" Working with ASIO or the Feds this week @ndy? The wheels have well and truly fell off this operation.
Ok its late Im tired. I will post more stuff as it comes to hand and post and answer the comments from the weekend in the morn. There is some good ones in that lot.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sydney Forum This Weekend.

Yes folks although the masters of spin and lies on both sides of the political fence have attempted to stop this great event its on. If you haven't booked yet you better move quick. HERE.

Oh and this is for Anti Fa Australia who has decided to become the Australian wing of Anti Fascist Action (AFA). Yet another Bnai Brith front, notably Mathew Henderson's favorite Canadian Left wing Fascist group. Please enjoy this footage from the very First Sydney Forum:)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Australian 9/11 truth movement statement 11 September 2010

On 11 September 11, 2010 The Sydney 9/11 truth movement gathered outside the ANZAC War Memorial in Sydney's Hyde Park.

Who are we dealing with? July 2009.

Source INCOG MAN Slight edit by us. We just changed a few pics folks. Please visit his site!

When I first heard about these people, what popped in my mind was the famous phrase, ”useful idiots,” by the Marxist Jew, V. I. Lenin, to describe liberal American journalists who supported the Bolshevik revolution. Another Jew, the current Prime Minister of Israel, “Bibi” Netanyahu, once labeled the Christian Zionists as useful idiots, too. Nothing better describes these frontline soldiers in the Jewish destruction of the US and Canada.

ARA stands for “Anti-Racist Activists,” but they’re really self-hating Whites, or just plain subversive Jew punks (prime example below). These are the real liberals from hell; by day they might be trust fund babies, coffee shop slackers or hip Ganja dealers to those who have jobs at ad agencies or something of the sort. On weekends, they get their kicks by cowardly mob attacks on just about any Pro-White people and by whatever method — including violence. The Jews must love these utter fools!

Just how dangerously deluded can some people be? Read on and see.

Don’t these people have the least clue about what really happened in Soviet Russia with all the Jew Commies? Haven’t they read anything about the tens of millions of White people, starved to death, shot in firing squads or in the back of the head by these evil people? Could they not put two and two together about the true racial makeup of Communism, when Christian churches were being dynamited as Jewish synagogues went untouched?


Fashionably radical ARA activists burning the American flag. These fools think they’re so cool by wearing bandanas over their zit-covered faces, like some kind of political outlaws, or they try to tell themselves that “The Man” might see and identify them. Hell, these kinds of wackos should get paid by the government! And with Obama, they might.

You never see these punks demonstrating against any other race, only against us racially awakened White people who dare voice our well-justified anger, concerns and beliefs (some of the smarter ones actively denounce Zionist behavior towards the Palestinians, but never receive any support or media coverage, naturally enough).

ARA are a poisonous broth of sixties reenactors (born-too-late SDS yippies), grunge rockers, radical environmentalists or just plain immature misfits who don’t have a clue about what the real world truly is, let alone a totalitarian system. These spoiled brats never had to work like actual slaves or seen people die in front of their own eyes. Their fantasies of an egalitarian society doesn’t take into account that such a society has never existed or that these noble sentiments get taken advantage of by evil people who only care about control and power.

These are the ugly stepchildren of the Zionist Power Structure behind the curtain. The real “Man.”

In a way, these poor fools are suffering from a kind of social version of the “Stockholm Syndrome.” This is where a hostage in a criminal event, like a bank robbery gone bad, becomes so mentally messed-up by the trauma that he or she sympathizes with the culprits of the crime.

Our White nations and society have now become so screwed-up and our moralities turned topsey-turvey by the Jews, that these social trauma cases have now set-out to purposefully attack anyone in our society who opposes the very criminals behind it all in the first place! Talk about a mind flock, there.

In their twisted minds, they somehow think they are revolutionaries, but it’s painfully clear that these saps are only acting out their most fevered imaginations.

They are not fighting not against “The Man,” but for him, since it’s now blisteringly obvious that “The Man” wants unlimited immigration of non-Whites into our countries; continual warfare and hatred of Zionist enemies; globalist ruination of our economy and sovereignty; more propaganda pushing for miscegenation of White people; the marginalization of White political power — all of which will eventually lead to the destruction of our race.

For crying out loud: What does it take for anyone to NOT see all this going on?
White Aussie Hero Ned Kelly would now be a target for the Anti Fa.

Today’s true revolutionaries, are much like the same ones back in 1776: Pro-White Patriots, against illegal immigration, big government and taxation without representation. We want control of our finances, abolish the fed and are explicitly against foreign entanglements, just like Washington warned us about. We stand for the continued sovereignty of this country and freedom for America. ”The Man” wants none of this, it’s now plainly obvious to see.

You know how Jews might call awakened White people, “Brown Shirts”? This in reference to organized groups of Germans back in the thirties, who wanted to take back their country from Jews who were busy raping Germany, recently bereft after the Treaty of Versailles (end of WWI); literally stealing millions of dollars in scam operations, buying up businesses and media — all the while destroying the morals of the country and agitating for Communism. Naturally, the citizens had quite enough of all this and elected Der Fuerher!

Well, ARA is today’s equivalent of Brown Shirts, but on the opposite political spectrum, those who could be called “Fascist, Anti-Fascists.” That’s right, any Whites who dare oppose Jewry’s behavior are now to be stomped by the brainwashed street scum of Jews, this time. It’s totally messed up!

Below is a video of the ARA in Toronto, Canada, financially and politically supported by the Jewish B’nai B’rith organization. Karen Mock might look like some nice little old Jewess, but as a 12 year board member of this massive International organization, she lobbied the Canadian government for tax dollars to support these Marxist minions from Jew hell (watch videos below).

Can you believe just how subversive these people are? It’s hard to conceive of any White organization doing this kind of thing for, say, the KKK. Why? Because they aren’t any public White organizations, that’s why. Anywhere.

Cognitate on that one for a moment. Are there any hugely-financed, International White organizations dedicated to White concerns? Like, HELL NO! And why not? Such a thing would be attacked non-stop by Jews and the media, never even getting out of the starting gate thanks to these people.

These people don’t care what you think, certainly not anything about your religious beliefs (see below), or that you want a clean and safe country for your children to live in. All they care about is shutting you up, should you speak out against the turning of White countries into Third World hells, just so the Jews can feel safe and not threatened by a White race who exhibit the least solidarity in any way, shape or form.

All of this ties together with Jewry’s efforts in White Western countries, not just America or Canada. They work non-stop to muzzle any talk about the things they do in the World, even about Israel’s racist evils on the Palestinians; to any suspicions about the Holocaust; to the bountiful evidence of Zionist involvement in 9/11.

You know, deep down inside, that’s a fact, JACK!

And the following video neatly sums up the utter racial hypocrisies of these ARA types to begin with. These nutcases are being exploited by Jewry as foot soldiers in their racial war against White people, no two ways about it.

The Canadian (born in Germany), Ernst Zündel, had quite enough of the non-stop trashing of Germans in Hollywood films, right along with the many falsehoods of the Holocaust. Imagine for one minute you had a German background and every time you turned on the dam TV there was some new movie of the week attacking your people. You might get sick and tired of it too, no doubt.

Mr. Zündel started writing, speaking out loudly and vehemently. This, of course, was not something the Jews wanted to hear in public, so Zündel was made a target for Jew-manipulated ARA punks, who actually firebombed the man’s house.

Hounded out of the country by the ARA and all the Jew harpies from hell, he landed in the US (where Freedom of Speech is supposedly so protected). Eventually, the Jew-corrupted US government got in the act and deported the totally innocent Zündel to Germany where they conveniently had laws against questioning the Holocaust and could slap the man in Jail, which they did. He’s still there.

You might think such “revolutionaries” would be out demonstrating for this decent person, clearly victimized by the real “Man” for using Free Speech in a country where he sought safe harbor for his different political view of history. To me, all this well-proves what cowards these ARA pukes truly are.

Fighting The Man — just like Che!

This is the situation racially aware Whites now find themselves in Canada, the US and the formerly mostly White countries of Europe. Subversive Jews have long been doing whatever they can to use disparate elements of our societies like the ARA to silence and cow White people. Not only are the Jews agitating the other races, but also members of our own.

ACORN, perhaps Americorp soon enough, are filled with such Commie agitators, right along with other left-wing liberals in America. They are even deep within the Obama political machine. The screen capture (above right) is of some Obama campaign manager, looking over paperwork as her obedient Obamabots patiently wait. Behind her, she proudly displays the symbol of how she visualizes her tough political image

It’s fools like this one, who lead countries down the garden path to hell for everyone — including her!

Don’t these hypocrites know just how murderous Che was in real life? He once wrote this to his father soon after shooting someone in the head: ”I must confess, papa, at that moment I discovered I liked killing.” Another time he personally shot a brave little 12 to 14 year old boy at point-blank range in the back of the neck with the powerful .45 caliber pistol, almost decapitating the child with a single bullet. He condemned thousands more to summary executions. Read more here

Or do they even know that Che Guevara hated homos, sending them off to forced-labor camps in Cuba? Or that he was also “racist?” Yep, the lefty’s action hero thought European White people were superior to Negroes. For example, he wrote this in his diary:

“The blacks, those magnificent examples of the African race who have maintained their racial purity thanks to their lack of an affinity with bathing… the black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations.” Che Guevara

CHE GUEVARA BY KORDA 1960Along with being a “racist,” Che was “totalitarian down to his body hairs” as the french writer Regis Dubray put it. Che never questioned Stalin or Mao, none of the secret police state apparatus, didn’t seem to care a lick about the Gulags or massacres and starvation of millions. All this kind of thing is conveniently ignored by the unbelievably braindead Anti-Racist Activists and other lefties in the US.

Che is ”cool” to wannabee Marxists, who need to have the world see them as “tough fighters against ‘The Man,’ just like motorcycle-riding Che,” (As a rich kid, Che rode his motorcycle through-out South America, while formulating his Commie thoughts). Che is the political ”Fonzy” to the deluded and hypocritical ARA punks, liberals and egalitarian lefties.

Much of this is due to that famous iconic photo by Alberto Korba ( right). How stupid is that?

This foolish, non-critical thinking will not stop until this country is turned into another Jewish Communist nightmare. They’ll spout all the tired Jew slogans about “Egalitarianism” and “up with the masses,” and “down with capitalists,” etc. etc. What will really happen — just like it always does — is that these “Useful Idiots” will be among the first to go, regardless of what they did in the past to get us here.

Yep, that’s right. They’ll end-up getting rounded up and shipped off to the Gulags, or lined up against the wall, just like what the instigators want to do to all us patriotic Pro-White Americans, in the end.

Sometimes, I ask myself, why do these people not see what they are doing? Well, for one thing, they are always people out there who love causing trouble in any way, just for the sheer giggles of it. It’s fun and sporting. By putting a political face to it, they can have an excuse for otherwise criminal behavior. Plus, they can act all cool and tough, possibly even getting into the pants of some mixed-up in the head, young Shiksa.

While I was studying these people awhile back, some Whites held a small, peaceful demonstration in Morristown, NJ against the illegal aliens flooding the country. Like moths to flame, the ARA people staged a counter-demonstration and some of them later beat up this older White couple in an alley, right after they left the demonstration.

Researching the particular nest of snakes behind this, I came across one member’s Internet site — his Facebook page or something. The little Jew (below) was bragging about all his subversive activities and, get this, how he got Annheiser Busch to donate 10 grand to his vile little ARA group. That’s right, a US corporation gave this SOB our beer money.

Further along, the little Jew was talking about how good he was in bed and listed out his other “fine traits.” Here’s what the subversive Jew puke had to say on his site (bracket copy and bold-face mine):

“i’m 5′6″ and i can’t dance. i’m a passionate and prolific anti-oppression activist, and a sex-positive third-wave feminist. [I think that means he wants to do you] i enjoy spicy food, world travel, and providing intensive…[edited for taste]

absurdism, activism, agitprop, anarchism, anthropology, anti-homophobia, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-war, artaud, banana shakes, beatings by angry mobs, box wine, breaking stuff, devo, [edit for taste], dystopian sci-fi, erotic fine art photography, existentialism, explosions, feminism, higher-dimensional geometry, human rights, hunter s thompson [Thompson would have kicked his ass], indymedia, international intrigue[Jews love spying], jazz, joy division, kafka, misfits, pudding, punk, radicalism, revolution,rimbaud, riots, satire, sex toys, sex-positive, singing, string theory, taoism, tattoos, third-wave feminism, threesomes, vegetarian, war zones [been to Gaza, Jew?], world travel, yiddish [yeah, I can see that]

Read all this back closely. He’s like THE poster boy for subversive Jews all over! And stuck-up as all hell, too.

He obviously hates Christianity, as you can see in the photo the arrogant little Jew put online (below). My theory is that some church group kindly (or stupidly) offered their vacant offices to his ARA outfit as a meeting place for what they thought were a sensitive and ”public-spirited” youth group. Late one evening, when no one else was there, him and his ARA chums went around checking out the place. Going down a hall, they came across a symbol of Jesus and the filthy little Jew asks his bud to take a shot of him pretending to be sodomized by Jesus:

These people pretty much don’t respect anything, especially White Christians. But you sure as hell will never see them doing this kind of thing to a synagogue or a Black church, no way. The operative word here is White. Figure that one out, Sherlock.

You know that this is the real deal. You just sit there and try to tell me that it’s all BS and I’ll tell you to STFU!

I’ve had it UP TO FRIGGIN’ HERE with these people and I am doing my damdest to get your attention about it. Yeah, you, one of the so-called “silent majority” who keeps his mouth shut so others won’t call him a Nazi. They expect you to remain silent as they freely do their thing in our countries and get clean away with it.

Had enough yet, White people?

I sure have, obviously enough. But it’s time for you, not me, to talk upfront to those around you. Don’t try to tell yourself that you are only one person and it won’t make a lot of difference. It all starts with one person. Imagine if every White person talks openly? These kind of people will soon get the picture that Whites are no longer to be trifled with. So start right this very minute!

— Phillip Marlowe

Fascist Anti Fascist once again.

More over time pay for the NSW Police, Australian Federal Police and ASIO.

Fancy tipping everyone off, once again. Do we get the NSW tax payers to send the bill to Anti Fa Australia or Bnai Brith? Can you believe this crap? "Telling the Fascists and the community Fascism is not tolerated. We do not tolerate intolerance. No Racism, No White Supremacism, No Ultra-Nationalism, No Segregation!" Anti Fa Australia you are sounding rather Fascist.

Last years protest....

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The plot thickens. NSW Labor and the Anti Fa thugs.

Jul 13, 2009
Eric Roozendaal, Member of the Legislative Council of New South Wales, had a lot to say in the Australian Jewish News of January 5. In response to the re-emergence of the Australia First Party in this State, Eric let rip with his usual ...

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Jul 30, 2009
Below is a video of the ARA in Toronto, Canada, financially and politically supported by the Jewish B'nai B'rith organization. Karen Mock might look like some nice little old Jewess, but as a 12 year board member of this massive ...

The Clap - Che Guevara T-Shirt Wearer