Monday, September 06, 2010

Afrikaner farmer Karel Fischer, 86, used as human shield by black attackers

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When some sixty members of the farm-watch units responded to the emergency call, the black militia-members took the injured old farmer hostage and dragged him along, using him as a human shield in the fierce gun-fight which followed. His son Adriaan also was shot in both legs and was tortured. Both Fischer men were rushed to a hospital in Louis Trichardt.

An unnamed farmer from Brits arrested one of the farm-attackers during the search which followed, shooting the man in the chest and confiscating the weapon in his possession. This arrested gunman now is treated at a hospital under police-guard, Willem Pelser of Rapport writes. He took the pictures and wrote the story.

Upon arrival at the homestead, the farm-watch members heard ‘blood-curdling screams’ coming from the farm-house and realised that the old farmer was being tortured and that he had to be rescued, said farmer Corné Nel – first on the scene together with farmer Gideon Joubert. (on photo)

“The attackers were hiding behind Fischer the entire time while they were fleeing,’ he said. Joubert and two other farmers were forced to stop shooting when they saw that the black men were using the old Afrikaner as a human shield, dragging him along. “They dumped him a long distance from the homestead and fled on foot,’ said Joubert.

The Farm Watch members who showed up launched a search, setting up road blocks and following the trail of the attackers. One farmer from Bethal located one of the armed black men in the veldt and the man fired shots towards him – at which point this unnamed farmer returned fire with his .303 hunting rifle. This farm-attacker was injured in the chest and is now being treated at Bethal hospital under police guard, writes Pelser. The firearm which the SAPS confiscated from the attacker was identified as having been stolen during a house-robbery earlier in Witbank. Secunda SAPS’s organised-crime unit spokesmen said a former farm-worker was also implicated in the attack and they were ‘hot on the trail of the other attackers around Witbank’.

When the commando-members returned to the homestead, they were greeted by a gruesome scene: ‘it really looked like a slaughterhouse, the house was covered in blood, with the injured Adriaan Fischer lying in a puddle of blood. Both men had been extensively tortured. Fischer senior had left the key to the gunsafe in Pretoria however – in a house where he lived while recovering from a recent stroke. Fischer junior said the gunmen ‘didn’t want to believe him and kept bashing him in the face with a pistol, and also breaking his him.’ Adrian Fischer was discharged from hospital after surgery to his legs, however old Mr Fischer is in the intensive-care unit, in critical condition. * Die vuurwapen wat die beseerde rower by hom gehad het, is vroeër in Witbank gesteel.

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