Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ancient Symbol is OK. Europeans claim back heritage.

Well we have been accused of being Nazis. We better stick with the program set out by Bnai Brith and Darrin Hodges, spokesperson and highly irrational member of the Australian Protectionist Party.

Court rules Swastika is historic sign, not symbol of Nazi horrors

Below The Swastika. Classification. Solar sign and symbol of good luck. Also considered to be a sign of strength and unity. First noted use by Europeans was in the 8th Century BC.

Below. Star of David. Classification. HATE SYMBOL. First used in 1903. Modern Day symbol of oppression, genocide and greed. You could add any other nasty thing you can think of. Its all happened under this symbol and is still happening today.

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Plonkers Abounding said...

Look at this folks...The Scots have finally lost the plot...

While the Jews go about "diasporising" Scot culture with immigration so as to erase the very memory of what might constitute "Scottish", the DimShitz who constitute the cultural hierarchy reward the arsewipe evil bastards with a tartan.

Not Porridge Gobblers, No, f***g Pharisee Gobblers, which ever way you want to interpret it.