Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Australia Calling Radio Free Australia.

Support The Independents
Australia Calling
Two weeks after a deadlocked federal election result left Australia without a viable government, three independent members of the Parliament continue to ponder their options as both Zionist-controlled major parties try to buy their favours. We say support the independents, because they have shown themselves to be men of principle. Also, three Arabs and an Asian abduct a wheelchair-bound woman, throw her to the ground, bash her and rape her. Another life enriched by a multicultural experience.
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Anonymous said...

Um, check out Stormfront for information on Oakeshott - he's married to an aborignal, has three niglets with another on the way, supports a refugee invasion of Lyne, has attacked Australia First's efforts in Port Macquarie to resist it, and is an avid supporter of multiculturalism and liberal progressive polictics in general.

In regard to Windsor, he allowed Armidale and Tamworth to be made staging points for the Sudanese invasion of Australia through the refugee relocation program of the federal government. He attacked Tamworth Regional Council for intially and democratically rejecting the invasion. Being a federal member, and the program being a federal program, he was in a perfect position to oppose the African invasion. Now Tamworth and Armidale are forever blighted with these ugly monkies.

Bob Katter is the only worthwhile member. If only the house of reps and the sentate were controlled by dozens of Katters, I would be very happy.

Anonymous said...

3.45pm 7/9/10

Oakeshott and Windsor have just gone to Labor - stooges.

Boy o boy, are Lyne and New England going to give them a kick up the ass next election.

Let the genocide of the Australian race continue.