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Boof Head and Bullshit Award of the week goes to.

Drum roll please.

Congratulations Fat man, the Anarchist secret weapon.

An interview with a bullshit artist. Hint that's the big fat guy in black talking to the New South Wales Police above. Please prepare to roll eyes and shake your head.

Take it away Fat man.

For very self-evident reasons, organisers of Australia’s premier white-power gathering, the so-called ‘Sydney Forum’, go to great lengths to hide information about where and when their next illustrious event will be held.

That's funny this year an invitation was published inviting these people to come and explain their beliefs. It was published on the Rev Left forum and most importantly on the Sydney Forum web site. Hardly "go to great lengths to hide information about where and when".

The Sydney forum web site reads.

The Sydney Forum organisers will nominate a person to argue the case for “Cunning Censorship”, and we invite the public to nominate someone to argue the case for “Real Concern”. We especially welcome nominations from groups/persons who have been most vocal in condemning and trying to shut down the Sydney Forum.

The forum organisers reserve the right to select this person from the list of nominees, and will select someone whom we consider to be academically and intellectually qualified to argue the case. If in the opinion of the organisers, no suitable candidate has emerged, the reasons for this will be stated and an address on Hate Speech will be given at the Forum and be duly published.

Nominations for parties interested in arguing the case for "Real Concern" close on 1 August 2010, and the names of both debaters will be revealed on 2 August.

The audience members will vote on which argument “won” the debate.

All audience members must be paid ticket holders attending the 2010 Sydney Forum and must abide by the forum rules of respecting the speakers' right to talk without being interrupted or heckled. The same applies to audience questions.

All persons interested in participating in the debate should contact: 0407 732 868 or

So much for that.

"In the past, the assembled cream of Australia’s fascist crop have been met with large, vocal counter-rallies by antifascist activists and community groups who insist that it is simply ludicrous that a city as diverse, multicultural and tolerant as Sydney is in any way the appropriate venue for a rally of the wannabe Blackshirts."

OK lets look at that.

Last year we had these guys turn up.

Hardly what I would call a large vocal counter-rallies of locals. Out of 11 protesters it has been suggested half of them maybe more are from Victoria. The forum is held in New South Wales.

So much has been written about last year I'm sick of linking it but I will once again.

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2008 Sydney Forum was canceled because both of the organisers had a lot on their plates.

2007 Sydney Forum has zero demonstrations. In fact nothing at all happened.
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2006 Sydney Forum. Up until now it was the biggest failure from Anti Fa

Monday, August 28, 2006 Darp was totally OWNED!

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2005 Sydney Forum. After harassment by so-called 'anti-fascist' / 'anti-racist' forces the Sydney Forum was an inspiring event. The only failure was the anti fa demonstrator who attempted to use a home made knife on one of the attendees who also suffered from Cerebral Palsy. All of that was caught on the JJJ Hack Radio program. Again total and utter failure.

"Whilst I would vigorously agree, this isn’t really one of those stories about the clash of opposing ideologies you might expect the day after the Sydney Forum. Rather this is an account of those who, wielding the threat of arrest, enable the unchallenged spread of racist propaganda and the perpetuation of xenophobia, homophobia, fabricated history and all the other regressive, hateful vile you’d expect to find at a party full of nazis."

Translation. I was all alone with my beliefs, none of those others bastards who said they would turn up turned up. But I have cemented my reputation as a hard line lefty. My Rabi will be pleased, I managed to get in the word NAZIS.

Whilst the zeitgeist has changed rather a lot since Oswald Mosley relied on London police to “protect” the march of his British Union of Fascists down Cable Street in 1936, the parasitic relationship between fascist groups and the police has survived pretty much intact.

Thats funny. Now keep in mind that this has been published on a site that is nothing but a state run honey trap for Anarchists. The principle member of this site continually passes information onto State and Federal Law Enforcement. See below.

Anarchist @ndy shows his true colours. Blue and White.

May 14, 2009
What happened to Cam Smith? What of all the other members who once spoke so proudly of being members of FDB? Old Cam disappeared real soon after he confessed on National Radio to helping ASIO and other Feds. He even claimed his info was ...

@ndy Slackbastard drops bomb shell. On his foot!
Jul 24, 2009
I hope you all recall FDB Victorian member Cam Smith very good friend to @ndy comment on air that they FDB have better info than ASIO. Here is a reminder. ("The claim that ASIO has left the monitoring of RACE HATE groups to FDB is ...

“Cam Smith” and FDB Caught OUT! Interview about “Southern Cross
Dec 15, 2008
Yes folks the media and Cam Smith from FDB are truly doing exactly what was predicted. In a radio interview this morning Cam Smith has colluded with the Media to distort the truth and play down the tragic shooting of Tyler Cassidy. ...

What ever happened to FDB Co-Founder "Campbell Smith"
Aug 25, 2009
Here we have Bleach aka Cam Smith bragging about his deception towards a real White Nationalist who ran the Australian Red Watch site. He even has the nerve to try and get Aussie WN to turn on his victim. What a DOG. ...

Dec 16, 2008
As of 4.00pm EST still no word from Cam Smith co-founder of FDB and left wing hired gun at CRIKEY. This has been a great disappointment to many. It is obvious that FDB and its members are a paper tiger and cannot or will not come out ...

Anarchist @ndy the Government Informer.
Sep 25, 2008
Donald was also involved in making false and misleading complaints to ASIO along with his Melbourne bum chum Cam Smith. Old Cam Smith used his Police connections in Melbourne to smear a Senior White Nationalist in Australia. ...

As for the real story of Oswald Mosley please click here.

"The strategy is different, largely because it is infuriatingly hard to club a protester you don’t want to listen to in public now that we live in the age of social media and smartphone ubiquity, but the effect is the same. I should make it abundantly clear that whilst I don’t believe that the cops sympathised particularly with the assembled dignitaries of white-supremacism, it is largely irrelevant to the outcome of their hard-line ‘no criticism’ show of force – to immunise fascist ideology from ANY criticism, providing the desired separation from empirical reality fascism needs to perpetuate itself without resorting to violent means."

Well read what you like into that dribble. This fat piece of shit had plenty of opportunity to get his point across 500 metres down the street. It must be noted once again all he needed to do was to take up the offer of a debate the day before at the actual forum.

Instead they refuse to debate at a public venue and prefer to scream obscenities and cause public disorder at the private and personal residence of Jim Saleam and his two children. As for the rest of the dribble this guy could double as Journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald.

"When I turned up to this year’s Sydney Forum with the intention of challenging the bonehead vacuum, you could say that the police conducted themselves in a manner that any private security firm would pride itself on. I didn’t even have time to make it to the opposite side of the street where I intended on standing before I was challenged, told to stop, detained and grilled whilst the assembled boneheads leered at me from the gate of their compound. Go efficiency!"

Again we witnessed this and I can assure you that Fat man was very relieved to see the Police once he arrived. "Leered" more like laughed you stupid bastard.

"At first I was told by the officer in charge that ‘my friend’ (I was alone) had just pointed a weapon at police, that he had already had to bury a colleague that week, and he was damned if he was going to let that happen under his watch."

Nice admission. We wondered what he had done. Thanks dip shit. Just like 2005 these scum come armed.

"I did not see what this other kid did, so I refuse to speculate as to what might have happened, but even though it should have been abundantly clear to anybody that I was there by myself it still took a long time for the officers to concede the point. In the mean time, struggling to understand what any of his accusations had to do in any way with me (and wondering why the keynote address of a prominent international fascist propagandist and Holocaust denier deserved tax-payer funded private security) my bag was confiscated and I was searched. I was also forced to relinquish my driver’s license, under threat of arrest, and my details were recorded."

Details recorded, interesting. Now my fat friend please drop us a line at Let us know if you are available to debate the Holohoax. I reckon we could find someone who could speak for our team. Come on use your "degree in History" for "rebuffing the anti-Semitic revisionist drivel" It would be well attended. My bet you will learn first hand that the powers that be would never let this go ahead. But you know that already. Go on drop us a line.

"The tension was palpable. I hoisted my best impersonation of level-headedness and attempted not to splutter indignantly as the officer in charge delivered an admirably theatrical soliloquy decrying my ‘obvious’ desire to start a violent riot that would terrify the elderly residents of the street. I also learnt that I hated freedom of speech and that I was a hypocrite for not just letting the guys ‘have a barbecue’ in peace. When the curtains finally dropped, I attempted to clarify my intent (peaceful); my motives (plug refugee rights events to other activists, attempt to finally use my degree in History by rebuffing the anti-Semitic revisionist drivel); and that my solution to obvious nonsense free-speech I vehemently disagree with is opposition from my own informed, dissenting speech."

Maybe a private recorded debate to be aired on the Internet will interest you on all the above. We have hundreds of people to choose from that will take you up. I await your reply.

"Greeted by blank stares and the seemingly reluctant report by a constable that the search of my bag yielded little more than Refugee Action Coalition fliers, water, a book, gum & cigarettes (as well as my primary ‘weapon’, a sign reading ‘welcome refugees, not fascists’), the officer in charge lost interest and left the constable to ‘process’ me. Apparently the decision had already been made, because at this point I was issued an official move along notice and told to return to my specific suburb of origin under the threat of arrest. Out of options and with thirty seconds to get going before they charged me with disobeying police instructions, I stumbled away perplexed and fuming by the absurdity of it all."

What a bloody drama queen.

"As I walked, indignant at the notion I was the biggest threat to public security in an area full of people whose idea of a good time is getting drunk and beating the shit out of anyone they regard as untermensch, a carload of men in Blood and Honour (neo-Nazi) garb pulled up alongside (perhaps mistaking short hair for fascist sympathy), to enquire about how I was on this particular day. Twenty odd seconds into my thirty and surprisingly I didn’t feel like hanging around to analyse the events of the last few minutes with them that much. Though it was clearly an exercise in stating what could not be more obvious, I assured them they were in no absolutely no danger from my sinister bleeding-heart protestations and that I was already on my way. Gesturing towards the police cars in way of explanation I added, ‘you know which side they’re on.’"

So they the "Nazis" let you go? They knew exactly who you were and you knew who they were. You even saw them leave the venue and then return. Yet they let you pass. So much for "beating the shit out of anyone they regard as untermensch". The only people who are acting in a violent or provocative way is your people.

I can just see this fat prick sitting at home stroking his cat in frustration. For Christs sake please bring back the Fight Dem Back team at least they made you laugh.

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