Thursday, September 09, 2010

Police officer shot dead during drug raid.

Our condolences go to the this Police officers family. Another life wasted for the sake of Diversity and a Midnight kebab.


"William Crews, 26, a constable attached to the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad, died in hospital earlier this morning, it has been confirmed.

Constable Crews was taking part in a search warrant relating to the sale of prohibited drugs when a number of shots were fired from an apartment block in Cairds Ave, Bankstown, just after 9pm.

The 26-year-old received gunshot wounds to the head and neck and suffered cardiac arrest at the scene, before being rushed to Liverpool Hospital in a critical condition.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, police wearing bulletproof vests patrolled the streets, telling residents to stay indoors as they tried to secure the unit block."

So who is responsible? Could it be the senior officers who spend so much time educating their junior officers in cultural diversity instead of policing? Or what about absolute scum like this bastard Dr John Casey Left Wing Commissar of the NSW Police Force and Australian Federal Police.

Ask yourself folks, Who in the hell is in control of our streets?


"Several officers have told the Herald they are being forced to delay raids looking for guns and drugs because the NSW Police Force executive is fearful of the negative publicity that would result from a riot in the area."

Meanwhile anti racist groups and certain left wing social justice groups all answerable to people like Dr John Casey keep pushing for more Non White immigration into Australia. More ghettos more ethnic crime more dead Police officers. Yet these same people who bring these killers and rapists into our community expend so much time and effort on getting the Police to silence White Nationalists. Its a lot easier to kick down the door of a White unarmed family man than it is to enter a suburb of Islamic and Asian drug dealers.

When was the last time a White Nationalists was convicted of Drug related crimes? What about causing riots? How about killing a police Officer? NEVER!

We have Asian Gangs African Gangs Lebanese Gangs. In fact we have Non White gangs from every part of the world. They have even taken over a large part of the once all White Outlaw Biker Gangs. The Comancheros is a classic example.

Well I hope these left wing traitorous bastards are happy. They have more blood on their hands. We just hope the Police figure out who the real enemy is before another one has to shed his or hers blood for the sake of Multiculturalism and Cultural Diversity.

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skinnylegsandall said...

Is there such a thing as an aboriginal jew in Australia?