Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery Part I: What Jewish Historians Say

The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery Part II: The Media Cover up


JewHissnesss said...

Well houda thunk it ? That the world's most magnificent people treated others, more than any other, like they were mere "Goyim".
Black, White, Brindle or Blue, you can bet your left Nut, The Jew Hates Yew...and you,and you and you.

Judaism seems to bring out extremes in people...Those who embrace absolutely the entitlements and permission granted to the "Jews" to shit on others as long as it does not draw ill repute, the quintessential "JEW", and those unfortunates born "Jewish" who revulse,convulse,wriggle,dissent and spew at the fact that they were, in the whiniest possible New Yawkian way "born a Jew and will remain forever a Jew" because of its matrilineality.

Again the Anti-Fa do not FightDemBack or reject their own Jewishness, they embrace it shamelessly and thus comprise members of the first and worst Jewplicitous group. The Dirty Old Predators of their irreligious world who feign to have the Courage to Care, now, for those whom they enslaved, and still do with their sneaky lies designed to instill and cultivate ignorance and darkness the world over.

JewHissssssness......a pestilential curse upon their hosts.

evil whitey said...

what an excellent series of videos this is! It would be seriously good if primary school teachers were to teach this (the TRUTH) to our young minds but unfortunately any chance of free through or pursuit of truth is indoctrinated out of uni students by the time they receive their degree of indoctrination.

After all, the meaning if GRADUATE is to be GRADUALLY INDOCTRINATED- quite eye opening that the true essence of 'higher learning' is right there in the single word that you receive at the end of your studies. No wonder Jews have a big hand in our Institutions and that lefty 'socialist' retards are so prevalent at our University campuses

The Shit of the Jew said...

After decades of dumping their putrid loads on our carpet in the name of Tikkun Olam, they whine that we must be more "tolerant" of its suffocating stench...