Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sydney Forum This Weekend.

Yes folks although the masters of spin and lies on both sides of the political fence have attempted to stop this great event its on. If you haven't booked yet you better move quick. HERE.

Oh and this is for Anti Fa Australia who has decided to become the Australian wing of Anti Fascist Action (AFA). Yet another Bnai Brith front, notably Mathew Henderson's favorite Canadian Left wing Fascist group. Please enjoy this footage from the very First Sydney Forum:)


JewsHissin' said...

Via Les Visible.

The Snakes of the Kabbalah are in the Grass once again... Their "fightindemback" the innocents they've Diddled, because "Power is their ultimate aphrodisiac"

Watch your step people.

west coast eagle said...

hey best of luck with the Forum this weekend fellas! Remember to have those cameras on the ready to catch out those putrid commie scum in their usual acts of deviancy! Please censor out any exposed genitals or pimply sodomite asses that may be exposed.