Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Whitelaw Towers Presents. Where's Adolf.

Whitelaw Towers is launching an exciting new competition to find a Nazi on the above picture. In the first promotion of its kind, Whitelawtowers is teaming up with the Waffen-SS the Wehrmacht and the all time favorite Blackshirt Magazine. So try your Nazi hunting skills out right now. What have you got to lose? A small country maybe?

Prizes include. Free Membership to the Australian Protectionist Party and a 12 month subscription to Australia's most Zionist Anarchist Site Slackbastard. So don't miss out.


evil whitey said...

hahaha you guys crack me up! Classic work from the WLT team.
It's interesting to note that the commie red/'anti-racist' scum have ZERIO sense of humor then you get the white nationalist good ol' boys that are more often than not willing to have a laugh and humour themselves even. Keep up the good work!

Dude, where's my yarmulke? said...

Isn't he like the dude with the dreadlocks near the beer tent man? Like, you guys really spin me out and stuff with these like brain teasers. It took me like three cones and an entire Rage Against The Machine album to spot that fascist hiding with the really cool peeps pretending to be like all with the program and! who took my Che tee shirt? Awww1 C'mon you guys...that's not funny...