Saturday, September 04, 2010

Whitelaw Towers under Zionist observation.

We figure we better put this up just in case our brake lines get tampered with.

Seems we have some new fans. Or maybe someone who likes reading WLT is having their IP routed through the American Secret Spy Base in Australia Pine Gap.

On August 26th we added a tracking widget to this blog. Just to see who our fans are. What a surprise to find this. Region -/- I never knew we had a region -/- in Australia.

I guess it could be some remote Aborigine community keeping track of us in the middle of Australia's largest Desert. You learn something new everyday.

Below Telestra spare no expense with supplying remote indigenous tribes with the technology to access broad band. Look at this server.

Maybe its this guy who is keeping an eye on us.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, what dopey vagina.


Anonymous said...

The same thing has been happening to Brendon O'Connell for almost a year now. But you don't take incoming enemy fire if you're not flying directly above the target!

Keep up the good work fellas and make the bastards at Pine Ridge earn every last cent of their salaries.