Monday, September 20, 2010

WLT Sydney Forum report.

I will start from Thursday. Dropped on down to the big smoke on Thursday arvo to have a few drinks with a good mate of mine and his lovely girlfriend. This of course turned into a typical session that carried onto to the wee hours of Friday morning. So the flight down was rather quick as I slept all the way.

Once I arrived I was picked up by some very nice chaps who instantly turned me into an honorary New South Welsh man. Caught a good metal band in what I suppose was a typical westy pub and carried on like crazed vikings till very very late. Even found a can of rum.

The forum. To put it simple it was great. You truly dont know someone until you meet them in the flesh. The forum is the event for doing this. One guy in particular I met was a real nugget. Just joking.

It was the standard mix of folk from all walks of life but sadly guys and gals, no fascist anti fa. Shame really a few of us were well and truly ready this time around. Maybe next year. If you want to get a full rundown of the speakers and the forum it should be up in a few days HERE.
I will cut and paste any reports as they go up.

Saturday night was the same as Friday. Just another westy pub, but one with a nightclub a bigger beer garden and some bloody huge white working class types who like to rumble. The sorta place anti fa and the left stay away from.

Sunday was suppose to be the big day. Hell they even told us they were coming.

I like the next one. This has to be the funniest shit Ive seen from a FDB co founding member in ages. I think Donald Oorst has confused stomping with wanking.

Considering none of them have ever showed up at a rally they promote its a bit rich I think. Oh sorry, the leader and founder of Fight Dem Back and current employee of Turner Freeman Lawyers Mathew Lee Henderson has. With a police escort of course.

Back to the day. Well we all made sure that we got down to Tempe on time for this one. At about 1130hrs the call went out "they are here". You bloody beauty we all thought. Running out the back what do we find? A big fat tub of lard and a skinny little Asian fellow.

This dip shit obviously didn't get that big from being a Vegetarian. This kid truly is an internationalist, he likes his KFC and Macas. The other guy a scrawny little Asian guy actually looked like he may be the big fellas lunch. Pics of him are on the way. So is the video of him being arrested and hand cuffed. None of us have any idea why he was arrested but maybe the Police removed him for his own safety.

It was about now we decided to do a run down to the train station and pick up a few comrades. Zero hour was approaching. No one wanted to miss the show. On our arrival back at the venue imagine our surprise to see the big fella legging it from the venue. Thinking he had successfully extracted himself from the danger zone he seemed a little surprised to see a car load of invited guests pull up right beside him. I asked him if he would like to show us some of his protesting skills. There sure as hell wasn't any Police around to stop him down this end of the street. He decided he would show us his speed walking skills instead. Funny stuff.

So as zero hour approached so did the anticipation. Maybe fat man and lunch were the spotters? Soon enough it was 1300hrs and still no sign of the Fascist Anti Fascists. The pressure was to much for a few of us so we headed next door with the National Alternative people from Vic for a nice cold beer and a cider or two.

By 1400hrs we thought we better go back and have a sticky beak. Still no sign of the great unwashed. How could this be? What had gone wrong? They had been aware of this meeting for more than six months. They had even promised us that they would come. It was very disappointing.

By now the day had dragged on. The four Police officers who had been standing out the back all day looked rather pissed off about sitting around in the sun. It had been reported to us that the NSW tax payers were paying for forty riot Police and a dog squad to be on standby all day. On a Sunday! Imagine that folks these idiot Anarchists and assorted left wing dip shits just cost the NSW Tax Payer a minimum $22500. How many actual crimes could have been prevented by using this man power fighting crime instead of watching me eat a few snags off the BBQ and drink beer all day?

So what did these wankers end up doing? Lets look at their report from the day shall we.


Newtown square/The Hub was occupied today by anarchists, anti-authoritarians, antifascists and people in solidarity to make a demonstration against the Sydney Fascist Forum happening this weekend in Tempe.

Jesus wept. They demonstrated 4.2 km away. In a different suburb. What happened to meeting out the front?

Texts were distributed and banners were hung around reading "NO BORDERS", "NO NATIONS", "SOLIDARITY IS OUR WEAPON, WAR AGAINST THE WAR OF THE BOSSES", and "NO COMPROMISE WITH FASCISM".

Cops immediately tried to stop the people gathering in the square, they threatened to arrest people for swearing, hindering police, playing amplified music, obstructing the footpath, sitting in a tree, and gathering in public without a permit. They ordered that protesters would be arrested if they used their sound system. They tore down the "NO COMPROMISE WITH FASCISM" banner and stole it.

The police were also telling the passersby that the occupiers were violent but when the public opinion started to overwhelmingly turn against the police Sgt Vincent Azzopardi backed off. For hours a whole squad of police remained right in front trying to intimidate the demonstrators to leave. They even started bringing xeroxed police files down to the squad in the square where they compared photos, and made snide menacing remarks using the demonstrators names (sourced from police surveillance/records) in an effort to further harass and intimidate people.

Now get ready for this folks this will blow your mind. Do they read their own material?

The police actions are a clear attempt to prevent people meeting together in public space and communicating. This kind of police tactics must be met with strong social resistance.

Am I the only one laughing so hard that I think a little bit of pee just came out? What exactly were they intending to do to the people attending the Sydney Forum? Oh hang on this is what they did last year.

Back to the Fascist Anti Fascist.

Below is the text distributed today.


The annual Sydney Forum of Fascists is happening for the 9th time down the road in Tempe this weekend. It is the biggest fascist gathering in Australia and is held at ‘the bunker’ where Jim Saleam the fuhrer of the Australia First Party lives.

Reactionary, right-wing and anti-immigrant politics have become more mainstream again with the political parties and the media outbidding each other with their appalling spectacle. This has given confidence and created a space for the fascists and the far-right to organise.

The groups that gather there this weekend, proselytise vile anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric, and have their histories in Hitler/ Nazi- worshipping anti-semitism. They are racist, homophobic, and are apologists for colonialism and Aboriginal genocide.

One of the other fascist groups, the Australian Protectionist Party also recently came here to promote themselves and to hand-out flyers in Newtown under the ‘I Have a Dream Mural’.

They were driven out by locals who would not accept their racist presence.

Fascists have also insidiously taken control of the Humanist Society and their building over in Chippendale. Which has been met with strong community opposition.

We want a community that practices solidarity intrinsically in daily life. We want to live in a place that welcomes diversity and that refuses to accept the isolation and atomisation of those that live and struggle in our community. A place where people aren’t complacent or afraid to stand up to racism, sexism and homophobia, and don’t allow the fascists a platform for their hate.

In a country that has been built on the violence of colonialism and genocide we must recognise the continuity of these practices and demonstrate our solidarity with Aboriginal struggle.

Our capacity to actualise this support, solidarity and resistance is under attack by the gentrification and commodification of all public space, alienating and removing us from our communal reality.The police act in their role of ensuring that this process runs smoothly for developers and business interests - they are the defenders that uphold the laws and interests of the powerful in this racist and exploitative society.

This is our community- these streets and squares don’t belong to the fascists or police. By occupying these public spaces to meet and talk with each other we make visible our potentiality to oppose the authority of those who would attempt to dominate us.



-Anarchists and Anti-authoritarians

One has to wonder if Darrin Hodges or one of his anti Nazi mates wrote this article. Look at the tags for it.
* Sydney * antifa anti fascism newtown racism australian protectionist party app sydney forum anarchist

The mind boggles. Why would they tag the APP? Isnt the second day of the Forum held at the head quarters of the Australia First Party?

So what does the State owned asset anarchist @ndy have to say? After all it was him along with Mathew Lee Henderson and their web site Fight Dem Back that started all this in the first place.

I'm not linking him unless it was a story about his gruesome accidental death, if you need to see it on his sick site please go ahead and Google it.

Sydney Forum

The 2010 Sydney Forum done come and gone, with relatively little fanfare. Presumably, things went swimmingly for da fash, while Sydney-based businessman, Volksfront organiser, and Master of Race Ceremonies Welf Herfurth ran a friendly but tight ship. Nevertheless, some Sydney-siders did apparently decide to hold some kinda rally in opposition to the Forum on the Sunday, across the road from the venue @ The Bunker:

Happily, the NSW police were kind enough to provide a security detail for the event, one which also apparently outnumbered protesters, who were noticeable largely by their absence. (Or rather, I had difficulty spotting them from my helicopter.) Police were also kept active in Newtown as “Newtown square/The Hub was occupied … by anarchists, anti-authoritarians, antifascists and people in solidarity to make a demonstration against the Sydney Fascist Forum happening this weekend in Tempe” (Anti-fascist Occupation of Newtown Square, Indymedia Australia, September 19, 2010).

Now this one caught our eye. "some Sydney-siders did apparently decide to hold some kinda rally in opposition to the Forum on the Sunday, across the road from the venue"

Ok folks check out the "Sydney-siders"

Looks rather lonesome. He was also rather nervous and took off as soon as he hung up the phone. Lie number one.

Lie number two. "Not the only action taken" Working with ASIO or the Feds this week @ndy? The wheels have well and truly fell off this operation.
Ok its late Im tired. I will post more stuff as it comes to hand and post and answer the comments from the weekend in the morn. There is some good ones in that lot.


Anonymous said...

So what does member or the Jewish horde of iniquities and Zionist "@ndy" say ?


and that to believe the written and spoken word of these nutcases whose eyes appear to have independant suspension much like a chameleon, is an indicator of a delusional, paranoid conspirascist's disorder.

You're being diasporised by the Kikes folks.

Anonymous said...

The one huge pity about the Sydney forum is that the audio of the speakers at the event is never posted online. This could be a great recruitment tool for White Nationalism in Oz, but nobody seems to want to take advantage of it.