Monday, October 18, 2010

2002 - 2003 Australian Nationalists On Iraq & Zionist Expansionism.

The original turncoat, Benedict Arnold spied on colonial forces for the British during the Revolutionary War. While a general in the Continental Army, Arnold was heralded for military successes like the capture of Fort Ticonderoga. However, in 1779, having been passed over for promotion and in debt, he switched sides.

The Line Taken In 2002 - 2003 By Australian Nationalists On Iraq: Will It Now Be Betrayed By The Mainstreamers? Source

The following statement was widely circulated in Australian patriotic circles in 2002-3. It was a statement of conviction which helped to shift Australian patriotic opinion towards opposition to New World Order war and a balanced and pro Australian position on the warfare between the Washington regime and radical Islam. This position is now under challenge by the mainstreamers who would take the anti Islamic line and side with the NWO regime internationally and inevitably - with the likes of the Liberal Party 'Right' and the Christian Democrats internally. This dangerous development threatens to undermine the independence of nationalist politics and turn us into a satellite of the Establishment.

Patriotic No War Against Iraq Committee Statement.

We, the undersigned, oppose the participation of Australian troops and the expending of national resources in a war against Iraq.

We say that the drive to war against Iraq has nothing to do with the interest of the Australian nation, but everything to do with the interests of the oil multinationals and the Zionist entity called Israel.

We demand the neutrality of Australia towards Iraq, the continuation of the beneficial trade with Iraq and a repudiation of all New World Order schemes directed against Iraq.

Some people confuse Islamic fundamentalism and its contention with liberal ideology with the justification for a war against Iraq. Because we are opposed both to Islamic fundamentalism and Western liberalism, we say: Neither Washington, Nor Mecca, but Independence For Australia. Yet, Iraq is not an Islamic fundamentalist state, nor does it support terrorism.

The Iraqi and Australian peoples are not enemies even if the New World Order proclaims it so.

No to the New World Order war scheme against Iraq!

Signatories: organizational affiliation (where given) is for identification purposes only.

Peter Whitfield, One Nation Party, Mildura.
Joyce Whitfield, One Nation Party, Mildura
Mark Wilson, secretary, Friends of Europe newsletter
Welf Herfurth, president, Riverstone Branch, One Nation (NSW)
Neil Russell-Taylor, president, South Australian branch, One Nation Party
Jim Saleam, Rallying Point Information Service
Diane Teasdale, president, Australia First Party
Alec Saunders, author
Neil Baird, editor, The News Report
Colin Chadwick, solicitor
Dave Astin
David Bland
Sidney Dungate
John Rourke, member One Nation Party
Robert Balgarnie, Inverell Forum
Pamela Valenti
Wayne van Blitterwsyk
Geoff Muirden, research officer, Australian Civil Liberties Union
Roy Gustard, Conservative Speakers' Club (Sydney)
Maurice Shaya, Conservative Speakers' Club (Sydney)
Ian McLeod, researcher, author, and secretary, Correct Australian Parliaments
Kevin McCauley, nationalist researcher and author.
Pat Pitt, activist,publisher
Tony Pitt, activist, publisher
Don Ruming
Karen Schuch


APP Donkey Vote. said...

Who else smiles quietly when the Jew whines "Anti-Semite" and Jewish "@narchists" of the Black Block mock the Goy and their "tinfoil" helmets......

The "Anti-Semite" foil is indeed made of tin when confronted with the true nature of what constitutes the rancid stink of "judaism"...

All Gentiles who support "Israel" support the betrayal of their own and may be considered to be active Kapos and Kollaborators.

Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews

JONAH MANDEL - Jerusalem Post


The sole purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews, according to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the head of Shas’s Council of Torah Sages and a senior Sephardi adjudicator.

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel,” he said in his weekly Saturday night sermon on the laws regarding the actions non-Jews are permitted to perform on Shabbat.

According to Yosef, the lives of non-Jews in Israel are safeguarded by divinity, to prevent losses to Jews.

“In Israel, death has no dominion over them... With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money.

This is his servant... That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew,” Yosef said.

“Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.

That is why gentiles were created,” he added.

Yosef’s Saturday night sermons have seen many controversial statements from the 90-year-old rabbi. In August, Yosef caused a diplomatic uproar when he wished a plague upon the Palestinian people and their leaders, a curse he retracted a few weeks later, when he blessed them along with all of Israel’s other peace-seeking neighbors.

On The White Mind said...

This is not dissimilar from the intellectual sewage pumped via the media into the mind of our communites and especially our children...

White people have Shit for Brains because of it.....yet they revel in the squalor of their own putrified ignorance, and feel they're oh so soft cocked, caring and magnanimous in coddling a devious, ontologically exceptional people from the demands of others that feel they perhaps might live up to the facile expectations they manufacture in others.

Any people who permit an ascendency of the Judaist has by default, made a public declaration that they are not worthy of any existence other than a grovelling 'Noachide'.