Thursday, October 21, 2010

ABC pro State line on 911.

Prepare to be sick....

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Mornings presenter Jon Faine was taken aback when MUA Secretary and Victorian Trades Hall President Kevin Bracken rang talkback to say that the collapse of the World Trade Centre on September 11 2001 was not caused by a terrorist attack. His claims earned a quick rebuke from Trades Hall Secretary Brian Boyd.

"What we should be doing is calling for a proper investigation into the events of September 11," says Kevin Bracken.

"There's so many unanswered questions," he says. "The official story doesn't stand up to scientific scrutiny."

His views have been called 'stupid and wrong' by Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

The Maritime Union of Australia Secretary had rung in to join a talkback discussion on the topic of Afghanistan.

His views were immediately disowned by Trades Hall Secretary Brian Boyd.

"He's welcome to his views... but the official Trades Hall position is not to entertain that conspiracy theory," says Brian Boyd.

"We condemn the terrorist attack," he says. "A lot of working people were killed on that tragic day."

However Mr Boyd says that '99 per cent of the time Kevin's a very good Trades Hall official'. Source


bushranger said...

I don't know about you blokes but "Jon Faine" appears to be a certified member of the tribe.

Funny how none of the toe-the-party-line have any REAL arguments just insults. Soon enough people will be labelled 9/11 deniers!

Fainen the hoitin' said...

Just loved the feigned indignation of this so typical Kike...It feigns to have the courage to care for those who were killed in the event, and the fact that people were killed, like the 'halocaust', disqualifies any questioning the the official narrative of events....

The Jew is "offended" that their might be skullduggery a foot and enters into a play with Gentile goodwill to once again silence their demands for an examination of anything that might hoit the tender feelings of these pious Princesses.

Even investigating the deaths of our own animalian and soulless "Goyim" offendes it.

When Faine speaks, Judas speaks also.