Saturday, October 02, 2010

Anti Fa Comment of the week.

Well it was a couple of weeks ago. I just thought I would let them think that I was silenced into submission by their historical/hysterical knowledge of a true Australian White Nationalist. Sorry to say you gut less turd Ned was a White Nationalist. Now go slit your wrist out of frustration.

Anti Fa

"Ned Kelly wasn't racist... A wonderful cop killer no doubt, but not racist. Ned even stood up for chinese in the jail.

Why do I waste my time?

Stick it up them Ned.

14 MARCH 1879
(Edited Transcript)
To Sir Henry Parkes,
Premier N.S.W.

My dear Sir Henry Parkes,

I find by the newspapers that you have been very liberal in offering a reward for the Kelly Gang or any one of them. Now, Sir Henry, the man that takes I, Captain E. Kelly, will have to be a plucky man for I do not intend to be taken alive. And as I would as soon die in N.S.W. as Victoria, I will give you or any other person who wishes to take me a fair chance to try your pluck.
I am at present not very far from Bathurst (in fact I have been in the town of Bathurst and has taken a peep at the banks). Now, I tell you candidly that I intend to rob Bathurst and particularly the bank. So now you are warned. Of course I will not say what time I and the gentleman that follows in my train will visit the City of the Plains. But one thing you can count on, that I will pay it a visit.

Now, Sir Henry, I tell you that highway robbery is only in its infancy, for the white population is been driven out of the labour market by an inundation of Mongolians, and when the white man is driven to desperation there will be desperate times. I present my respects to the Sydney Police.

E. Kelly
The Camp. March 14th 1879

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