Saturday, October 02, 2010

The count down begins. Australian New Nation Boat Report.

Here's boat number 99 for 2010 (just one more for the century) -

Asylum-seeker (invader) boat intercepted


The navy has intercepted another asylum seeker
(invader) vessel off north-west Australia.

Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor said patrol boat HMAS Maitland, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel
(invader boat) north of Ashmore Islands on Friday afternoon.

Initial indications suggest there were
37 passengers (invaders) and four crew (smugglers) on board, he said.

‘‘The group will be transferred to Christmas Island where they will undergo security, identity and health checks and their reasons for travel will be established,’’ he said in a statement.
(All paid for by the person you see in the mirror each morning.)

The latest arrival takes to
99 the number of suspect illegal entry vessels (invader boats) intercepted in Australian waters in 2010, taking the tally of asylum seeker passengers to 4654. (WRONG, there have been 4,661 invaders and 247 smugglers.)


After just one day in October there have been 2 boats carrying 60 invaders and 8 smugglers. The tally so far for 2010 after the 1st of October (the 274th day of 2010) is 99 boats carrying 4,661 invaders and 247 reported smugglers.

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