Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Darrin Hodges, Collaborator.

Darrin Hodges 04/09/07

"We are in the predicament we are now because of Hitler"

"Hitler did more damage to European racial sovereignty than anybody."

Above what truly happened Darrin. Please watch it you may learn something.

Again the Collaborator Darrin Hodges in an email from 2007 on his plans for the take over of Australia First.

"The wheels are already in motion, a great storm is brewing that will bring a welcome, cleansing deluge to Nationalist Politics in this country.
cheers Darrin."

Three years on and what has happened? The same old shit with a touch of collaboration from the left.
Maybe its time you re-read Sun Tzu - "Art of War" again Darrin. How is all that going by the way? I see you have mastered "All warfare is based on deception." Seems you have surpassed the antifa with spin and stereotyping. In fact who needs antifa when they have the APP doing their work for them?

Darrin Hodges 2007

"The continuing perception of AFP being seen as a branch of the Nazi Party is a problem which must be handled most vigorously if we, as a party, wish to entertain any kind of popular support."

Carry on the deception Dazza. Id rather be known as an Honorable Nationalist than a stinking collaborator, no matter what names you and the enemy create.

"And if any nazis come anywhere near my family or my property or my person, there will be FUCKING HELL TO PAY. I hope that is clear.” Nazis? Oh these ones, "Yes, I know people who claim to be NS, yet they have admitted to me they have not read or completed Mein Kampf for example" Don't over rate your importance or your influence Darrin in the real world. You are doing a good enough job on yourself with out any help from the "Nazis".

How can anyone from the leadership of the APP take you serious? Is there any leadership to speak of? Sure doesn't look like it.

"We have much work to do in regaining the trust and confidence of the people, I trust you understand our mission and accept that some personal sacrifice will be required in order for us to steer this country away from the rocks that the current establishment is determined to shipwreck us on."

Well we know what that mission was now. I see
"regaining the trust and confidence of the people" hasn't been going that well for you of late. Sure glad the majority of White Nationalists rejected you when they did.

Keep the APP forum going Dazza it only shows the "people" who you and the APP really are. I'm sure any new visitor or member would love to sign up after they read your "Nazi" rants. "What is ridiculous Jim, in the eyes of the public, is seeing a political party chasing after ghosts and phantoms." I cant wait till they make you the scape goat because of their failure to control one obnoxious collaborator.


CeltDonkeyGoy said...

I've donated cash to Bro Kapner, made a request he detail precepts and punishment contained within Noachide Law to his Gentile readers, and also asked his assistance or even opinion on the O'Connell case.....No reply.. "Why is it so".. There's not the slightest bit of information on Noachidiocy that i can find.

We all know what the Chosen have already done, but would appreciate more where their heading...and why.

It makes one a bit sus it does, and leads a Celt Donkey Goy to think that this activism by
"dissenter" Jews may be nothing more than a front to put the Goy at ease in the belief that "it is all being taken care of", so we can sit back,relax and do absolutely nothing more.

Anonymous said...

As long as Butlins remains an ostensibly "White" thing to do as indicated by the addies, its all Kosher beer, bingo, talent shows, flip flops, socks, sandals, skittles and Chubbie Pommie Shielas for the APP....Who cares wots happening elsewhere.

Oi !