Monday, October 11, 2010

Disinformation at its best.

Well first off we had the above very early today. Seems that someone from admin at the Public Transport users Association has been checking us out.

Its also been drawn to our attention that another one of @ndys victims fronted up at 3CR this morning to say hello.

Now considering the unpublished comments we have received today about @ndy and the amount of interest concerning this dirt bag I get the feeling he isn't very well liked. The problem facing us now is sorting fact from disinformation. I think we will stick to our claim and see how this ends. If in fact we are wrong the onus is on Andrew "AJ"Sadauskas to clear his name and give us the real @ndy.

Note. We appreciate the links we have been given. In particular the ones showing pics that claim to be the real "AJ". Sadly we need a bit more proof. You will need to supply us with a bit more than pictures with no comment or plausible links.

I like this lot myself taken over a five to six year period.

Anonymous comments with pictures but with out any links just doesn't cut it at this stage. To claim that two anarchists from the same state, both with a public profile and as @ndy has claimed "have never met" is also a little hard to believe. If in fact we have got it wrong it says a lot about the fact that @ndy is in fact unknown and fits the profile of a State owned asset.

Let the games begin.

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Noachideous said...

He doesn't look devious enough to be Rabbi On@andy Shpunkflien aka D'arse 'nvader of the Zionist Death Star, and its Weezilly BubblesBorg consort, RU8 2 little Boi.

Why's the APP defending the Jews yearning to impose a Global Noachide Commie Theocratic state.....

Are you a coterie of fucking Kapos or something over there at the APP ?