Monday, October 11, 2010

Flag Day 2010

Flag Day 2010 coming up fast!

"RWR Supports Flag Day and the ongoing work the National Front are doing to show active endorsement for the New Zealand Flag.We have members from all over the country going to the Wellington Flag day including members from Christchurch.

We will also be supporting Flag Day from Christchurch. RWR is helping to organise the ongoing event for those who cant make it from the South Island up to Wellington. We have commited to have at least 20 of our own members and close supporters at the event along with other associates. We welcome anyone else who is in the Canterbury or even South Island area to come and stand united to show pride in our Nation and her Flag.

Our whole movement is growing in the South Island. It will be great to see everyone show up and and show they can do more then talk about loving our culture and Nation."

Contact Vince and the Wellington NF about wellington.
email us about Christchurch.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps these lads need to pay these folk a visit

Kneel Kapo Noachides. said...

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Why Nationalists are "Terrorists". said...

Exactly thus. One who kills a person who rejects faith in the divinity of the Torah has fulfilled a great commandment because he has eliminated one who destroys the world. It is important to emphasize that this conclusion is inescapable for one who believes with perfect faith that if the Torah is not learned, the world will be destroyed. One who rejects this purpose is like one who wants to blow up city streets, buildings, and residents.

courtesy of Subverted Nation

Anonymous said...

European Art for Flag Day.