Sunday, October 24, 2010

How to join the dots. Lesson One.

It truly isn’t rocket science.

When one is reading and encounters an unfamiliar word it is not only common sense but highly advisable in the interests of expanding one’s knowledge and understanding to put aside the book for a moment or two and check the dictionary for a definition. This is how one’s proficiency in language and expansion of one’s vocabulary is achieved in an autodidactic fashion. Although it might be tempting to brush over the mysterious terminology so as not to interrupt the flow of one’s literary pursuit it does one no favours intellectually and arrests the development of one’s mind.

The same approach should definitely be applied to gaining knowledge about our socio-political enemies and their modus operandi. For example, when one is watching the Tel Avision and a talking head, almost invariably introduced as an ‘expert’ or a ‘consultant’ or even simply a ‘commentator, is spouting the standard anointed P.C. Multiculturalist line then just jot down his name and title and Google him later when you get a chance. The same applies to the Controlled Media’s Radio stations and Newspapers.

Take the time, it won’t take too long, to study who is pushing this poisonous claptrap and what their background and connections are. As with the peeling away of the layers of an onion we can GUARANTEE you will find the same ‘types’ (the same ‘tribe’) involved at every level in promoting every movement, idea, theory, program, legislative statute or action that is NOT in the interests of White people. Remember to not just merely concentrate on the individual themselves but to verify what organisations they work for, have worked for, who they are associated with and the trans-layer connections that link them into the broader ‘network’ of elements allied against the White Race.

The study of our enemies goes way beyond ‘paranoia’ or ‘coincidence’ and is a process of the exposure of plain and simple, empirically provable FACTS.

Even if you do it only for a few days or a couple of weeks you WILL find out more about who our real enemies are, their nature, their connections and their collaborators within our ‘own’ people. Do not discount certain individuals on the basis of their names (these have almost always been ‘Westernised’ to varying degrees) or even their physical appearance as, over the centuries, that tribe has often infused their gene pool with White Western blood to combat the ravages of traditional inbreeding and inherited endemic medical disorders.

Do yourself that favour.

Just do it.


Anonymous said...

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Hee Haw. said...

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