Saturday, October 23, 2010

John Fain. Jewish intellectual thug, or just a dumb shit?

Do as you are told!

Why is it every time you look under a rock you always find a crazy Zionist?

First up lets have a look at the opinion poll from Thursdays story shall we.

You recall the story from Thursday?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

ABC pro State line on 911.

Prepare to be sick....


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Unionist's 9/11 comments stupid and wrong: Gillard and @ndy agrees!

Who is John fain? Well if you listen to the interview HERE, I'm sure you can figure it out.

John Fain. "there is nothing to debate". According to the opinion poll there is. John Fain. "which version of the nutter conspiracy do you subscribe to." Sorry John, Mr Bracken is questioning the science, there is only one nutter John, you. John Fain describing Mr Bracken. "has extremists views" and "personally I find offensive and alarming" better throw in one more John "wacky".

Hardly non biased professional reporting from a Tax Payer funded radio station. After all its our ABC isn't it? John Fain then goes on in typical Jewish manner and attempts to get Mr Bracken the chop from his job in the Union. Why? Firstly because he was brave enough to question the main stream think tank. Secondly as a warning to any other prominent member of the public wishing to question his beliefs and that of his tribe.

What I find even worse is how his own comrades from the Union placate the Jewish extremists and hang Mr Bracken out to dry. Your not alone Mr Bracken, look at the poll above.

Below John in Happier times.

Now the following was sent to me on Friday.

For the record on the 28th of March 2008 the Victorian Trades Hall Council passed this motion after lengthy debate supporting a thorough and independent inquiry of the terrorist attacks on

From the minutes of the meeting on the 28th of March 2008;

“That this meeting of VTHC Executive Council calls for a thorough, independent enquiry into the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11.

The events of that day have been used to start pre-emptive wars “that will not end in our lifetime”. They have been used to attack civil liberties and legal principles that have been the cornerstone of civilized communities. There is an urgent need to reassess the way we view the world after September 11 and we call for proper investigation into the events around that day.”

While I agree that they have not officially supported any theory around the events of 9/11 they do agree a new investigation is warranted!

It might be prudent to remind the VTHC and the media of this fact!

Victorian Trades Hall Council

Telephone: (03) 9659 3511
Fax: (03) 9663 2127

Now ask yourself who is the one with an agenda?

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