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Marriage of convenience?

Re: The real Dr. Jim Saleam
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"No, what you are seeing here is a standard gasket blow. Whenever either of these gentleman are threatened with exposure for being the uneducated morons that they are, there is a standard emotional process they go through:

1. Fake laughter and humour.

2. Responding with discreet and low level veiled threats.

3. Back channel mind games in an attempt to have false inflated stories about themselves circulated to their enemies in the scene.

4. When this fails they don't have the mental capacity for anything else but blatant, childish (and possibly criminal) brain explosions where they openly threaten people with violence. Present in these threats is decades of bubbling rage at being classic examples of people who fail at life. Classic losers. Their only refuge is to build up new innocent supporters and bolster their remaining self-asteem with fuehrership.

5. When faced with overwhelming odds and writing on the wall that they are about to get their asses kicked by their enemies, the law or media they stage the most pitiful and childish backdowns. They become the atypical cowardly lions and grovel to everyone making promises that they will change, leave the scene or not be so confrontational in future.

6. A couple of months pass then the cycle starts over again. At the moment we are at stage 4 of their insanity."

Sounds more like FDB speaking above than a so called "ex Skin head". The highlighted section is exactly what happened to the victims from FDB back in 05/07. It certainly doesn't fit the description of anyone here. It will be interesting to see what the next move from FDB is.

Boy haven't things really heated up since poor @ndy had some pressure put on him. I suppose its all just a coincidence.

Once again......

Due to certain recent events, particularly those involving the bitter fight between the Australian Protectionist Party and the Australia First Party, we have deemed it necessary to, yet again, state our purpose.

Our basic mission here is that of Watchman. We watch the enemies of the White Race, both those from outside our movement and importantly those within it, and report on what we have seen as soon as is practically possible right here on your computer screen where the entire world might access it. Unlike certain other elements we do not ‘make deals’ with perpetrators or ‘sit on’ any vital information, ever. We cannot be bought. We cannot be intimidated.

This mission of ours might also be described as that of the whistleblower for the White Nationalist Movement. When we become aware of disinformation, misinformation, infiltrators, lies, scams, false flag operations etc we shine the harsh light of truth on them and make the creatures responsible ‘famous’ on our site.

We are fiercely independent and will take no orders from anyone. We will not compromise our political integrity. Others have done this, diluting the principles of Nationalism, in a vain attempt to placate their critics and appease the very system they despise, merely to find themselves castigated as ‘Racists’ or ‘Haters’ or ‘Fascists’ or ‘neo-Nazis’ anyway.

We have a Zero Tolerance when it comes to the ZOG Controlled Media. You will never read an ‘interview’ with Victor Whitelaw. These fools who think they can ‘use’ the Media to further their cause are as stupid and despicable as the idiot who thinks he can dance with the Devil and then go home safely when the evening has ended.

There is no greater act of futility than to deliberately misrepresent yourself and get tied up for most of your time explaining who you are NOT. With Whitelaw Towers you see what you get and get what you see. There is no complaints department. We do not apologise and we rarely explain, except at times such as this, where the lies have become so intolerable something must be said.

Why are we so stubborn? Well, the two principle members of Whitelaw Towers have been victims of attacks from both the so-called Anti-Fa and the so called Nationalists. Our spirits have been tempered in the fire of political reality.

Also, make note, the Victor Whitelaw Project is a Fourteen Words approved initiative.

“We Must Secure An Existence For Our People And A Future For White Children”

There is nothing whatsoever in our mission statement that can honestly be construed as indicating we adhere to the tenets of any particular Political Party, Religion or Cult or that we favour Islam or any other organised Religion for that matter. In fact, as should be obvious to any long term reader of this site, we are concerned primarily for the wellbeing of one Race only, the White Race.

Yet our enemies claim we are supporters of terrorism, specifically Islamic Terrorism, because we strongly criticise Israel and the forces of J_W controlled Global Finance. Outrageous lies such as these can only gain traction if the recipients of the lies are intellectually lazy and pathetically credulous enough to take those claims on face value and do no research of their own. This leads us to treat all these people with equal contempt even though many might possibly be saved with the benefit of education on the subject. Sadly perhaps, we have neither the time nor resources to save these Lemmings from themselves.

There really is no adequate excuse for maintaining such a degree of wilful ignorance. The archives for this site and those of its predecessor ‘Victor Whitelaw’ are easily accessible and certainly not hidden from public scrutiny. Unlike some of our accusers we do not have regular ‘house cleaning’ of our archives and comments sections to cleanse our site of embarrassing or damning ‘evidence’. Some of our accusers have dumped entire sites and made huge efforts to expunge the caches of every shred of evidence that these sites ever existed. Why?

There can be no other reason than that these duplicitous creatures seek to start again under assumed identities and gain the power of plausible deniability for their real pasts. Reliant upon the fact that in Politics a few weeks can be a long time let alone years, they bank on their new recruits’ ignorance and lack of curiosity for what has gone before.

The A.P.P. like any other political organisation did not parachute out of a clear blue sky yesterday. It is led by people with real pasts and eminently provable histories. Whitelaw Towers, despite its obvious animosity with A.P.P., is not so simplistic as to condemn all in A.P.P. We know for a fact there are some good people there. We know many of them personally and still bump into them ‘face to face’ occasionally.

They tell us that we are naive and don’t understand ‘Politics’. They say we are too ‘honest’ and open and blunt and crude to succeed!? Yet we believe we succeed every day. We succeed every time we expose another fraud, another lie, another snake in the grass. The measure of our success is that we are still here and still upsetting people because we believe that the only people who get upset by our words are people who are either the sworn enemies of White Nationalism or people too stupid for us to care what they think.

They tell us that they must put on this pretence of distancing themselves from so-called ‘extremist elements’ such as so-called ‘Nutzis’ just to advance their own cause. They will even say to us that they, perhaps begrudgingly, respect us but cannot be seen in their sharp suits hanging around with tattooed ‘skinheads’ or other rough, ‘unmarketable’ types.

Another very tiresome and frustrating lie that is perpetrated by our enemies within A.P.P. is that Whitelaw Towers is the work of only one person and that this one person is, as a member of the Australia First Party, merely a talking head for Jim Saleam, a sock puppet conduit for A.F.P. policy. BULLSHIT!

It was also explained very recently to this particular writer by a very smartly dressed young man from A.P.P. in a nice suit, who holds down a very nice job, the simplistic ‘formula’ that leads to the beliefs of our sworn enemies within A.P.P.

It goes like this.

Jim Saleam runs the Australia First Party.

Jim Saleam is a ‘Leb’.

Leb = Muslim. Muslim = Terrorist.

Whitelaw Towers is run by a member of the Australia First Party.

Therefore Whitelaw Towers are Islamic Terrorists.

The truth be known, that is what one might term the ‘expurgated version’. There are several within A.P.P. who extrapolate this further and say;

Whitelaw Towers attack J_W’s and Israel.

Muslims also hate Jews.

The J_W’s kill Muslims.

Therefore Whitelaw Towers are the friends of Muslims (our sworn enemy) and the J_W’s are our friends because they kill Muslims.

The quite chilling nature of such a simplistic thought process is Orwellian and Animal Farm-like and should be obvious to all with an analytical and critical intellect.

Also, the very fact that the record needs to be set straight on this is sadly indicative of both the brazen dishonesty of the liars and the low level of intellectual rigour of the recipients. Another shocking indictment on the intelligence, or lack thereof, of the ‘true believers’ over at A.P.P. is that they seem utterly incapable of discerning the various styles of the writers on Whitelaw Towers.

We have two main regular contributors whose writing styles are like chalk and cheese. Then we have several other contributors who post the occasional article. One does not need to be a highly trained expert in linguistics nor a scholar of graphology to see the often quite stark differences in style, presentation, spelling, grammar, syntax, colloquialisms etc between our contributors…yet…our sworn enemies persist in claiming this is a one man band.

Ask yourself, gentle reader, why they might do this. What could their agenda be? Nothing, as Roosevelt stated, happens in Politics by accident. There is no such thing as coincidence in this vocation.

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Onto the Tools. said...

Sweaty palmed, Kosher Black BlockHead and ZiOn@nist "Anarchist" Rabbi ShpunkFlien's worked himself into a frenzied leathered up lather over the fact a member of the Trade Union movement has deviated from his assigned role of Jewpe working for the destruction of Gentile Nations and has directed his attentions to the noble cause of exposing the Jewplicitous works of the Jews of Judas.

The Union hierarchy, by and large, uses its largely innocent and unwitting membership to provide membership and legitimacy for its Kosher causes that are to do with the "left" side of Zionism...That is MultiCulturalism, Gay "rights", dissolutin of culture and people, collaboration with "right" Zionists in the ammendment of firearm legislation that suits the needs of the Jew (making Murder and mayhem safer), support of "Hate" laws under which the MUA recalcitrant would likely be silenced should the legal details to facilitate the charge be in place, and "Fight'inDemBack" those who oppose the predations of slippery and devious perpetrators who are all too often "Jews" or adherents and benificiaries of the entitlements granted to the "Jews" in the Talmud.

Rabbi ShpunkFlien has demonstrated that he is indeed a fraud in his/her/ heshe's feigned adherence to the concept of "Anarchy".......Modern "Anarchy" is nothing more that a Kolostomy Bag of Kosher Collaborators united in their eternal hatred for the other inhabitants of the planet, and the immutible truth.

The MUA member and all other Union offials answer to their members, mostly Goy, who would demand he give the Bird to the whining establishment who feel their tenuous and facile Kapocracies to be threatened by Men of the calibre of the MUA member. The "@narchist" knows nothing of what union members think or desire. The "@narchist" collaborates against the members of Trade Unions and speaks only with forked tongue for the Jewish establishment.